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I've come up with what I think will be an awesome idea for an online marketpalce. I'm just a bit stumped on where to start, like which CMS to build it off.

So far I've realized that I will need to create a simple MVP (Minimum Viable Platform) and although I have experience using WordPress, I'm wondering if there are any better CMS's that I could use. I find Wordpress is a bit slow and is more suited to content instead of e-commerce.

A quick rundown of my idea is:

1. Person A posts an advert of a physical Item they want to buy. In this step, I charge a commission for them to post the advert.
2. Person B accepts the job and buys the physical item.
3. Person B Delivers the physical item to Person A.
4. After a successful transaction, both parties leave a review of the transaction (similar to Fiverr or Ebay).

Ultimately the only transactions that will be processed on the site will the be the commission I charge Person A to post the advert. I imagine it could work similar to a classifieds site like Craigslist or Gumtree, but with the added user ratings and reviews like Fiverr or Ebay.

I've thought of using something like Magento or Drupal, but because of the learning curve and investment needed, I'm wondering if I could start this with something a bit more simple.

Any Ideas would be appreciated.
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    Why would I pay to buy something? Shouldn't the commission be on the seller. And you say a commission to the buyer? How will you figure a commission? So, if I want to buy something for $100.00 you will charge a commission of a percentage of the $100.00 I want to spend? If your "commission" is 10% I would basically pay you $10.00 to look for something that I can look for for free on google.

    Seems like a bad idea to me. but if you feel strongly about it then go for it. You will probably need a solution a bit more sophisticated than wordpress to carry this out though.


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      Yeah I can see how the idea doesn't make too much sense, without giving to much information away. It would be targeting a very specific type of buyer, and I am pretty certain there is a big market for it (quite a few people that I've spoken to said they would use it).

      I think I may whip up something small with WordPress, just as a proof of concept to test the idea. Then maybe invest some money in a custom built site if all goes well.
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    Why are you having performance issues with Wordpress? Properly optimized, it screams blazing fast.

    I push my startup mentees to prototype all their mobile first MVPs on WP as much as possible (to keep costs down until you can prove your model).
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    I think Wordpress & Magento is the most suite in your case, however you can buy Fiverr script and customize it as you want (Google about "Fiverr script"). IMO

    Good luck to you,

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    Thanks for all the responses guys.

    I came across 'share tribe' who's got a pretty well-built system. I'm going to try installing the open source version on a VPS. Anyone had any experience with their platform?
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    Ok, so I read what you're saying and I think you should give twik a chance. I don't think they've been out there for a lot of time but I gave them a chance with my blog and they did nice on optimizing my landing page. I'm not an expert or anything, unfortunately lol, but numbers showed an increase and it literally required no knowledge from my side.. i'm not sure if this is what you're looking for..
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    I have been through your query thoroughly and would recommend you to opt from Shopify (SaaS Based) or Magento (Open Source ) framework. As WordPress is a content management platform that offers e-commerce plugins. It is not designed exclusively for eCommerce.

    Shopify and Magento both are equipped with robust features-

    Shopify starter plan restricts of maximum 25 store items whereas Magento offers unlimited-number of items to be added to sold.

    Magento offers coupon code feature where as you can't avail it on Shopify starter plan.

    Shopify supports 70 payment gateway whereas Magento is comparatively low.

    both allow flexible and robust option for calculation of shipping charges.

    Both offers large collection of themes.

    Both offers SEO capabilities

    Both the frameworks are stacked with most important features, If you are looking for a large online marketplace it is highly recommended to go for magento as it is capability to handle large traffic and huge online marketplace. In case you have small marketplace shopify is the best option for you. For more you can check CedCommerce who offers you various extensions and addons "free of cost" through which you can increase the functionality of your store.
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    Your requirement is very simple. Anything over 2-3 MB in file sizes would be overkill. Consult some latest books in php; they got some nice, lightweight ecom cms that comes free with the books. Search in amazon.com for books.
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