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Hi everyone!

I'm trying out forum marketing and forum signatures. I was trying to do this the right way with real comments and I was begun to felt I was contributing to the forums I signed up to. So I got about 10 forums that I have signed up to until I got a message after I signed up on a new form about forum spam.

Well maybe this was a coincident so I tried another forum and got the same message. I was digging around and found out that my email and ip was listed on

I reported that I was not a spammer and they inform me that they will look at my removal request in a couple of hours. So now it is about 2-3 days and I have not heard from them. I checked their API and they don't use any API keys which is interesting.

You can send them a singel IP like this:
stopforumspam api?ip= (mind the url)
This is just one of many ways to report an IP and it isn't clear if this method is sent on every forum.
If it is then there is problem with the whole forum marketing concept when doing it the real way with contributions and real involvement. It is physically impossible to sign up to more than X forums and you will automatically be added to their database.
You will not have a chans to tell them you're legit because the whole idea behind the stopforumspam is driven by small minded people.

Small minded why?
Because a great thing with forums is to let people share their websites through forum signatures. You start to think while I have fun asking questions and helping people out I receive some visitors and they might like what I'm selling on my home page.
The problem is you actually don't receive many visitors from one forum so you're forced to sign up on several. It makes you have to type more and help more people but it might be worth it in the end.

I would like to ask what is your take on this.
Also something I haven't checked yet is to see if I*m listen on stopforumspam that it will prevent me form login on already signed up forums. I don't dare to do that in case I lose my account.

Would it make sense to you to get your account removed just because an Admin that had a bad day just felt to ban and report me for some stupid reason. I mean people are people so the more people you deal with the more the chance an idiot smack you in the face.
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    usually when someone is reported for and banned for spamming it is because they are spamming.

    The thing is many people will try forum marketing and think they are not spamming when they actually are. Just look at some of the threads and posts here. People will ask how to make their first clickbank sale and have a signature that tells us we can make 5k a day with clickbank. You see the same crap in many other niche forums. And, thankfully those forums are not as tolerant as this forum.


    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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      I can understand that those people would not be tolerated or respected. In my case I didn't even come to use forum signatures before I got banned.
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    But what if we are registering on forum site, it shows your IP is blocked.
    In this case, what is the issue?
    If we haven't registered & not done any single activity they how Ip is blocked.?
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      Originally Posted by Indus Uno View Post

      But what if we are registering on forum site, it shows your IP is blocked.
      In this case, what is the issue?
      If we haven't registered & not done any single activity they how Ip is blocked.?
      Probably proxy.

      I'm forced to do a grey zone method and bought proxies because it obviously doesn't work doing it white hat.
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    I've been a niche forum member and moderator (not IM niche) for about 15 years. I'll be honest, I have no idea how anyone that's actually interested in a niche could screw up a rep. and come off as a spammer.

    What I've found is If you legitimately participate in the largest same niche forum with decent post other forum members will spread your forum name and/or own domain name around the web on other/smaller same niche forums. I have backlinks (direct traffic) on a few smaller same niche forums where I've never even been a member.

    The key is to offer something niche related that helps other forum members because when one forum member has a good experience they'll share a link (your link) the next time a new forum member ask a relevant question.
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      In the best of worlds you wouldn't experience any problem. You found a forum or two that are run by grown adults but when you happen to land on a forum with mixed people but the Admin bans you because he's an 8 year old boy and you don't have the same opinion that he has. Then you're probably reported to stopforumspam and then you're double fcked.
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    It takes a lot of patience to start getting attention to your forum signatures in forums. Signatures are a privilege but the main focus of participating in a forum is to learn and share knowledge.

    It's probably not even a good idea to have a signature until you have a few dozen valuable post. You want to make sure you have well thought out posts. If the moderators see that short posts or replies are being created to share a signature it is going to cause issues.

    One informative reply or post can bring more traffic to your signature than a few short posts just to spread a signature. I'm not saying this is your case but it is something to look out for.
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    I use the SFS service. It is highly accurate and really great at keeping spammers away.

    So you might want to review how you use forums.
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      Originally Posted by brettb View Post

      I use the SFS service. It is highly accurate and really great at keeping spammers away.

      So you might want to review how you use forums.
      Almost all forums use it and it is so accurate that it even catches non spammers.
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    Well forum trafic its not easy as if people see your signature they have the tendancy to think you are trying to sell and they hate this .As it thoughtful you must make some good pots and after that tu put your signature

    Admin note: Affiliate links are not allowed in paid user sigs

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    I know many of the long time Members here didn't really know what Forum Marketing was years ago.

    I was just under 1,000 posts before I even decided to have a Sig.

    Being in non- MMO niches to begin with, I came here to get more information on IM pertaining to those particular Markets.

    But the Forum Marketing just organically occurred over the years with me as I added MMO to my repertoire.

    Now people want to try to make it a tool or business model which is their main driver of traffic.

    And this is totally NOT a viable way to do it !

    - Robert Andrew

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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      I have been running a couple of forums myself. I didn't bother me if people added a business signature. As long as the posts are helpful and other people don't complain.
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    The problem with forum marketing is people want and don't give!

    breaking the first rule of online marketing............
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    You FAIL online because you have the WRONG information.....
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