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I suppose you do need to be a warrior in this world to succeed. So much of what I've experienced over the last 7 years has been ups and downs, tremendous heartbreak and quiet realization that no matter what, I won't give up until I find a way to make a real difference in the world, whatever that looks like.

My name is Dan- none of you know me (but I wish you would!) I'm just another individual like probably many of you, who started reading about internet marketing and self improvement in a slow and probably desperate attempt to try to find real meaning and purpose in life.

I knew I needed a way to make money outside of a job, but I also learned that money wasn't enough to make me happy. I was fired in 2006 from a lucrative job as an engineer with Lockheed Martin, mainly because I stopped going to work, I hated it so much.

I don't blame it on Lockheed. I hated what I had become. That I had allowed myself to become so weak, and had lost the lightheartedness and fun that allowed me succeed in my youth was the worst. Truth be told, it was a slow downward spiral. In high school, my passion was for for music and theater. But in college I decided I wouldn't make money with that, and it was safer for me to become an engineer. Shortly out of college I got my big paying job, and over the years I watched it eat away at my soul. I would spend endless hours surfing the web in rebellion of inept managers who had no clue how to organize or corporate bottlenecks that were impossible for one person to fix. I wanted to not give in, to fix the real problems plaguing the company, but I failed. And so giving up became a habit, one that since them took me a long time to unlearn.

It's been an exhausting journey. Since my decision to abandon my "perfect" job (who wouldn't want a job where you can surf the web all day and get paid for it?) I have gone quite the other route. For a few days last year, I had about $300 left in the bank. I took unemployment, something I never thought someone of my intelligence would have to do (I have a BS in aerospace engineering.) I gave up my pride to ask my dad for a job so I wouldn't starve. I've had endless moments of saying "I can't afford that" and avoiding paying for things I needed and wanted. Essentially, I was not living.

So now I come to you with only one desire- and that is to give. I don't want other people to go through what I've had to go through over the last few years. I'm tired of being desperate for money and wondering if I shouldn't just take a job at Walmart and live emotionally broke for the rest of my life (knowing I'm worth better then that.) I'm passionate, imaginative, funny, and I have a huge heart for people. I just watched the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games, and it almost made me cry. I know there is a big world out there, with people doing both much better and much worse then I am. And I know there are people out there who care about desperate souls like me... I just have yet to find them. I want to work, I want to create. I don't want to just make money... I want enough so I can be free to work to give people the power to find their real dreams- I power I never though I had.

Maybe I need a mentor. I decided I would start by offering posts here, contributing to the community. Regarding IM, I decided to spend a long time studying. I now know how important it is to plan for the lifetime value of a customer. To continuously give value over your life to a niche that can love you. In my personal situation I often desperately need money, but I refuse to become a marketer that simply promotes things because they pay, or who only seeks to copy what everyone else is doing. Such people win in the short term but not the long term. I know this decision means it will take longer for me to be successful, but so be it.

So many people make poor decisions- out of a desperation of not having any money, or a greed of wanting everything. People I see like my stepmom work 10 hours a day and come home too tired to even watch a movie. Or like this millionaire network marketer I met, who had no desire to know anything if the product he was promoting worked (all he cared about was saying whatever he had to say to get people to join.) I don't want to become like either of these types of people. I feel my own pain in being unemployed, but its worse when the people I love suffer because they see no way to get out of their situation without being unethical (which many in business are.) I feel it's my duty to find a way to bridge the gap- to help people find their true identity and get rich from that grounded center. We need to build each other up instead of competing all the time. That's why I like the idea of a forum like this- each one doing their part to make things better for all of us.

Well ok, that's my long introduction. I hope you got a glimps of where I'm coming from. I want to talk to those of you out there who have made it, what you have done, and if you really care about impacting people's lives for the better. Here I am, and I want to serve you :-)
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