clickbank and facebook ads ?

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Hi all

I was wondering, if you could find an interesting niche in Clickbank and apply the correct targeting in facebook ads, would that already be a good start?

Thanks in advance!
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    yes you can. But I would suggest promoting your own email list sign up page then follow up sequence promoting different affiliate products


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  • Driving paid traffic straight to a paid offer is something few would recommend.

    I'm not saying that it can't work but in most cases you will not have big results. Majority of people don't buy an offer the first time they see it and it's assumed that the average person needs to see an offer 6-8 times before they decide to buy.

    Of-course there is re-targeting but I would suggest rather driving that traffic to an optin-page with an irresistable offer (bribe) and having them handing in their email and then following up to them as long as you want with an autoresponder.

    That way your are building an email list, people get to know you more and trust you and if you are lucky some of them will become lifetime customers of yours.
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    It can work but clickbank with facebook ads its dificult for beginers .At first i think you must loose some money to learn how things work and i think you dont want that
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    Thank you very much guys for that info!

    Yes, I will check on clickbank what interesting niche or goodlooking landing pages they might have. There are plenty of these out there so if you guys believe there is some possibility to get money with this, I'll give it a try!
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    that would be hard for a beginner and you might need more money for ads.
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    You should first build the list, then promote to it the Clickbank products.
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    I use to try FB ads but end up spent a lot of money. Unless you have a very good skill to write ads copy, sometime FB will reject your ads due to certain rules and policy.
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    Of course. You will need to create your own landing page/funnel for your clickbank offer. FB does not let you direct link.

    Also understand your on a social networking site. People are not on there to buy stuff or join program after program. They are on there to be social and gosep with other people.
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      facebook does let you direct link as long as your landing page does not have auto play videos or exit pop ups
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    Alright, thank you very much guys for the replies.

    The making of an email list, is this by a landing page and asking people if they want to receive mails from it?

    Or am I wrong?

    Thanks again for your help!
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