Please give me your opinion ,what option to choose ?

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First of all i dont know if its in the right section of this great forum but i will ask
First my life its a little confuse i dont know what to do
I have 2 options :
First option its that to work full time internet marketar ,i do this but i strugle i make like 150$ per month ,i will make more later but i must have a lot of patience
Second option its that i want to start a job and i will be paid like 200$ 250$ per month but still i will have like 3 hours per day where i can learn ppc trafic and i can invest some profit from my salary
What do you think i should make to be good for me ?
1.To continue to work full time in internet marketing because in one day i will make good money
2. Or to get a job and learn ppc marketing and invest some money there because i will make more than working all day with free trafic .
Thanks in advance
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    If you need money now to survive, take the job, and learn it on the side. If you can get by on ~$150 per month right now, and you are a quick learner, then do the internet option as your upside online is going to be far greater than $250 per month if you get it and are good at it.
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    only you can make that decision. You should not be asking strangers to make your life decisions for you. It is real simple math. Can you live comfortably and pay all your bills on $150.00 per month? Your answer to that question will determine the answer to your other question


    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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    To me, this is an easy question and there is no debate about what to do.

    Take the job right now. It is a more reliable and quicker way to make the money you need for daily living.

    If you struggle to make $150/month as you said, you are certainly not ready to do marketing full time as you only source of income.

    There will be time enough for you to learn marketing on the side and even set up some income streams while you work at your job to pay the bills.

    Burning the ships so you can't retreat from IM is no way to begin this business.


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    I would take the job. Especially is you are in need of the money. Plus, it seems like the job will be a great opportunity for you to learn a lot that could potentially help you with your internet marketing business later on.
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    I agree it is not for us to decide. The job sounds safer though. Although sometimes, working with no net can drive you to greater success so I can see why you are having this dilemma
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    You can only decide which way to go as others have stated. If you work for your self and spend all day and night worrying about money is it worth it ? If the job eases you financially and gives you some cushion and extra money for the budget take the Job. Have you consider taking the job and working on Internet Marketing on the side. So eventually you can build it to the point of making more money on the side then the job. Add 6 months of emergency then consider packing it all in. Maybe a better option for you.

    To many people will tell you to just go for it ! Work for your self, but do they walk the talk ? How many fail and how many succeed ? Others say if the $150.00 you are making is enough to get by go for it ? Only you can answer that, and at what expense to your well being ?

    Remember at the end of the day it is your decision.

    Earn10% average annual returns
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    Get a Job.

    Better well payed.

    In any case invest the surplus of money in paid traffic, like solo ads, where u dont have to study ppc technique. So you can excalate.

    Put an offer after opt in page (i hope you build a list and not deliver cold traffic to an offer for brutal sell), so you can bank some profits back.
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    I would go for the job.

    Because , with it, you know what you are getting--money wise.

    However, do not give up on your marketing--just keep at it--and build it up to the point where you do not need to work anymore.

    Take this time to take a look at what you are doing--if you go the job route.

    By this I mean, since you will have limited time to work on your business--this can be a good thing in that it will force you to use your time more efficiently.

    Because, if you know you only have some much time--it means you cannot spend time doing things that do not help you achieve your long term goal of working only online
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