The 3 Week Diet - Is it Dead for Affiliates?

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Hi All,

I recently got my passion back for affiliate marketing and am ready to use all my skills (video creator, website builder, voice-over artist, graphic designer, teacher) to cost effectively build out some affiliate campaigns to make some commissions.

I thought I would start in the health/diet niche, and found 'The 3 Week Diet' on ClickBank which seems to be pretty solid - yet maybe over competitive and also slightly old.

I bought the domain and was about to do the following:

1. Create a Landing Page offering a free gift in exchange for an email address (so I can build a list).

2. Redirect the prospect to my affiliate link once they have downloaded the free gift (or use another method to eventually get them to the affiliate link).

3. Create a follow up email campaign to nurture the leads to eventually buy from my affiliate link.

However, I did a quick 15 test on Bing Ads to see how much traffic i could send to my affiliate link via a redirect of my domain - and the results were poor, very poor. I had a lot of clicks on my ads, but ZERO sales for the affiliate product.

I know this is not the best way to test if a product is going to work for you, but am i right in saying i should try and find something new, less competitive to start promoting first?

And is my method the correct way to do this?

I can build a website and have my own hosting - so I wouldn't need to pay for things like hosting and clickfunnels or leadpages - i can do that myself.

I could use Mailchimp for free to be my autoresponder.

So there is not much else i would need to invest in - but there is no clear blueprint out there for doing it this way - as in mostly for free apart from buying a domain.

If I am going to invest this time - should I skip the 3 week diet offer and find a better offer to do the same with?

And is my method a good starting point to adding some extra cash to my bank account?


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    Dead for the affiliates who will not do the work. You know things like creating your own landing page with value and benefits leading into the paid offer. 98% of wanna be affiliates direct link and you will never succeed especially with a competitive offer like that. Its sad and they are wasting their time.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    You say you got you passion back. How long was it gone for because promoting spammy ways is going downhill fast. People want real genuine reviews, not made up bull.
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      Thanks for your comments, I hate spam too, for me, I just want to fully understand all the workings of correct internet marketing in this area as I have product ideas of my own I'd like to apply these methods too in the future.

      It's all a learning curve for me, I want to soak it up like a sponge and use it to help people benefit from things that benefit me.



      I am only interested in legitimate offers.

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      Originally Posted by Nathan Isaac View Post

      You say you got you passion back.[b] How long was it gone for /b]because promoting spammy ways is going downhill fast. People want real genuine reviews, not made up bull.
      And also another good question is how long will it last from now on ?? Because each and every one of us has got that adrenaline surge where it seems like we got that passion only to find out in a a couple of days or weeks (when the tedious process of building a real business kicks in) that the initial passion dies off.

      That's why I cringe when I see this kind of talk. Of course there is nothing wrong with passion in general. But I just think sometimes Passion and Novelty get mistakenly intertwined

      - Robert Andrew
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    First - if you read the rules on this forum you would NOT have a CB link in your signature. That won't last long.

    "Got my passion back"? Does that mean you have successfully marketed products in the past or that you started and stopped in the past? You registered a domain with the title of the product in it - is that name trademarked? Did you look in to that? Did you think about it?

    It sounds as if you are getting ready to get started....maybe. Could it be YOU are not sold on this product? Seems many CB sellers have latched onto this "diet" - but the diet itself appears to be a clone of the 21 day fix. It's not a new product and there are thousands of sites promoting it.

    Why did you choose a product that is so competitive. Is this in your "niche" or did you believe diets are a good way make money? It's not so much that your plan is "wrong" - but that it seems tentative.
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    Originally Posted by micknal29 View Post

    If I am going to invest this time - should I skip the 3 week diet offer and find a better offer to do the same with?
    This diet plan is potentially dangerous, ineffective, and certainly not based in science as it claims. There are a dozen or so weightloss/fitness plans on Clickbank that are much better and safer.
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    lol I tried promoting that diet too. It's actually a sh!t diet. Tells you to starve, etc. Anyway, I tried promoting because i was in the mindset of "This is what people want and buy, I'll give them what they want." Made nothing out of it. Not one sale. I am like you, designer, writer, make websites, video, etc. so I made my own website as well with a domain something like or something.

    I've had my own website for losing weight and gaining weight fast for a while but didn't know how to market it so that's what I tried. Now based on some research and tips, I converted the content in my site which was free to an ebook on Amazon. I feel much better about promoting this since it's my own and it is true and honest; it worked for me which is why I decided to make my website like 7 years ago.

    Now if only I knew how to promote my damn book lol. Maybe you'd like to promote my book if we can figure out a way to track clicks??
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    First congrats on getting your passion back and for taking action to put it to work.

    If you aren't confident on the thing you are promoting move onto something else. It's better to have a passion for something you are both confident in promoting and also happy to promote vs something that just isn't getting you excited.

    In the diet niche there are many options -- even the option to create your own " 3 week diet"

    Good luck.

    keep moving forward

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    What If you started a review blog of things you actually own and have used.

    Like..... real reviews.
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    I just now joined this forum and this is the first post I read.

    Don't get demotivated by all these comments.There is no common technique which works for all affiliate products.

    Test and trial with different ideas and I am sure you will win.
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    Thanks for all your comments,

    I have to agree that maybe I was a little nieve and over excited to get going and making some well needed extra income from affiliate commissions.

    I've decided that this 3 week diet venture is not even worth starting, I'll ditch the website and delete all the content i downloaded for it - after studying it more, it's a rubbish diet, my own diet is a million times more effective than this!

    I need to go back to the drawing board and start asking the right questions and finding the real, NON FAKE, offers that I can purchase to learn and follow step by step on how to make some legitimate sales online as an affiliate (hopefully using the skills i have - like video editing - which makes me think I should start maybe a youtube channel reviewing offers).

    And PS, I followed someones guide on here that said you should put your affiliate link in your signature - which turns out to be a load of cra*, its against the rules and i can't believe i bought into the hype.

    It seems pretty hard to filter out the good from the bad on here and everywhere, I have just finished about 5 different courses on affiliate marketing, all of which ended up badly...

    For those reading, don't buy anything that says i will teach you how to promote affiliate products on instagram - and dont buy anything that says i will teach you how to promoe your affiliate link via bong ads, again a waste of time and bad practice, and the list goes on...

    So i am back at square one - which makes me think i should stick to what i am good at and start thinking about just making videos for something worth my time.


    I am only interested in legitimate offers.

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    Try the Old School New Body sytem on CB.

    I have had good success with it promoting to people over 45

    I'll teach you how to make money like a Mamba.

    Sign up for the free money mambas newsletter!

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      Any diet plan which doesn't address the underlying lifestyle changes will fail. Virtually every commercial "diet" ultimately fails and is almost always damaging to the metabolism.

      Although promoting "quick results" may seem more profitable, it actually is far more rewarding on many levels to effect lasting change by empowering people to make better long-term choices for overall health.
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    I've the most disappointing experience ever with this shitty product. I only sold one copy or so in a month! I was years ago a good promoter for CB products like muscle maximizer and i made good results with it until it declined and i left affiliate marketing and now when i got back promoting this product i nearly got nothing. i really know how it feels.
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