Is this an IM Strategy or something else?

by Manda
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I was interested in buying an information product that was selling for $37. As I can't use PayPal, I emailed the person to ask if there was an alternative way to pay and got directed to a credit card payment site. I rushed to the site with credit card in hand but found the price was on that site was $47.

This got me curious so I emailed the vendor again to ask why the difference. I thought it may be related to credit card fees but after a week of waiting for a response and sending a second email I got advised by the assistant that "The reason the prices are different is that <name> has raised his prices and I just have not had time to update all of his sites."

The prices for the product have been different on the different sites for almost two weeks so it doesn't seem like it is an issue with the time it takes to update.

I'm in two minds about whether I go ahead and buy the product and am just wondering if there is a reason or strategy for the price difference that I'm not aware of. At the moment it seems like very bad customer service. I'm curious to hear what others think.

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    I am a little curious as to why you can't use paypal if you have a credit card. It is far safer than giving your cc number to the merchant.

    As to your question, I would write it off to a disorganised or under-resourced operation. Of course it may be they are testing different price points via different channels and not being clever enough about it.
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