GMail Accounts - How many have you got ?

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Fellow warriors,

As a novice to this IM at the moment I am shocked that I have had to create 4 different gmail accounts so far and guess there will be many more.

Is this a norm and if so how many do you experienced IM'ers have as a matter of curiosity?

Best wishes,

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    We were supposed to keep count?

    I know I have over 5, but not sure how far over.
    Kevin Riley, Kevin Riley Publishing, Osaka, Japan

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  • I have one personal account and about 5 we use for various business purposes (posting ads, creating Google voice numbers, etc.)

    We also create one for each new client (so we can use Google Optimizer with them) that we typically have access to almost perpetually though on occasion a client will change the password once we have completed their project. If you count those we have 50-60 total accounts. If Google Optimizer accounts could be shared like Google Analytics accounts we wouldn't need to do that.
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    5 so far. I use them for creating blogger blogs for backlinking, using to sign up to various article directories that I want associated with a specific network of sites (so I can include it as part of the package if I ever sell the network off) etc

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    Interesting question,

    I have 3 gmail accounts at the moment
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      I think I have 3.....I have lost track of one of them now that I think about it....I also have 2 Yahoo! accounts..

      One of the side effects of being an email marketer: EADD (Email Attention Deficit Disorder).

      I can only keep track of 2 accounts at the most. As for the rest, I never look at them.
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    I have 5 gmail accounts. All used for business, promotion, link building, etc...

    Most IM peeps I know have at least a couple..often way more
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      [QUOTE=JustinP;1191981..often way more [/QUOTE]

      Yup I've got a bunch
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    I have 4 Gmail accounts and are actively using 2 of them.
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    1 personal
    6 blogs
    20 for backlinks
    Likely to be more unfortunately
    la dominatrix
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    I have 9 I think.

    Keep niche's separate, and one strictly for IM spam.

    I literally only use this one gmail address for signing up for IM lists.

    It averages about 2000-2200 Spam per week, and about 100 more per week that make it to the inbox. And I don't think I have even signed up for more lists than most of the people trolling this forum.

    Also: Firefox plugin Gmail Manager is a HUGE time saver:

    I havent had to type in a username and pw for a gmail account in months.

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    Ive got more than I do fingers and toes. much more

    depending on what you do online, it can make sense to have a ton of email addresses

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    1 personal plus about 6 others used for niches or bookmarking
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    Several for business
    2 personal :rolleyes:
    0 for backlinks
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    8 - but I only actively use 2 of them.

    Here's a tip:
    I have one set up as a back up to my primary account.

    So for example, if I had I also created

    I then have forward everything to just in case I ever 'lost control' over the first.

    I also regularly download my gmail using Thunderbird so >> I << have a copy of them all in case gmail ever came crashing down one day.

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    I only have one. I do however have multiple website email addresses but have them setup to send within my single Gmail account. Awesome!

    For me, there's not a big need to have multiple Gmail accounts. The filters & labels make it extremely easy to sort your emails as to where they're coming from (to who) and allowing you to send from other email addresses is super cool.


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    I've got a bunch. Did not count them, but there is a spreadsheet to keep up with them.


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      One primary account.
      One PayPal address.
      One for notification of WSOs.
      Several linked to websites, for people who don't like to use my help desk!

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    5 gmail
    2 hotmail (crap)
    1 yahoo.
    The shinbone is a device for finding furniture in a dark room.
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      I have zero gmail accounts. Still haven't seen a compelling reason to get one.

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      I lost count a while back.

      Not bad, considering I didn't go to gmail until 2007 -- after yahoo mail kept putting anything -- and I mean ANYTHING with an attachment in my trash before I ever saw it. I had to ask one seller to send me my product 3 different times. Asked my sister to re-send the pictures of her kids. Very annoying.

      And stuff from aweber ended up in spam.

      And yet they still couldn't manage to get subject lines with v1@gr@ in them out of my inbox ???

      When they changed to beta -- I got so frustrated I even tried sending Jerry Yang an email telling him the programmers he was using didn't understand threaded programming.

      Nevertheless -- I DO like parts of the new yahoo mail better than Google.
      Having separate tabs with my different searches and emails in progress, etc, is very nice. I like that. I can do something similar by opening multiple tabs on the same gmail account -- but what a pain!

      Y'all should check out my free videos on how to organize your gmail accounts -- in my sig. (No, there is no upsell. I should some day, I s'pose. Just haven't gotten around to it, LOL.)

      Live JoyFully!

      Judy Copywriter & Marketer's Geek
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    A slew of them but some have fallen into the world of forgotten passwords ... oops!
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    I have lost count. I use so many different e-mails for some different niches that there's no way can remember them all. here's a question for you who was your very first e-mail account?

    Clint S.

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    first email account:

    both companies went out of the ISP business, otherwise I'd still have had those accounts.
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    I have way too many!

    1 personal
    1 for each of my niche sites (around 30)
    15 for backlinking
    many more to come!

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      Lost count after 200 or so. 98% of them i do not even bother to open!!!
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    I have 6 accounts

    One Main account

    One for PayPal

    And 4 that are tag-a-longs that get viewed one every 2-weeks

    I like their spam protection

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    I've 1 main gMail account and I redirect all the mails to my other accounts to the main one!
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    Seems pretty Normal To me. i have about 10 Gmail accounts. open all at the same time with ThunderBird.

    Pretty convenient.. go DL it
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    I open one for each project
    The Strategy Specialist Helping You Achieve Your Goals Via Training And Support contact me via
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    I only have one as I am using other email addresses like Yahoo mail.
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  • Profile picture of the author Zack Lim
    I personally have one gmail account for each project that I am doing.

    It is always a good habit to write it down on a piece of paper and keep somewhere safe. There are time when so many things are happening at the same time and you might just forget the email address and the password.


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    I have approximately 37 . I generally create one for each separate domain.

    All domain related, non-official email is handled via GMail. All official, less spammy type email is handled via the "admin email account" created in CPanel for each specific domain.
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