The Case Of The Missing Conversions...

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I started online two years ago in the hopes of making a full time living at it . I decided to go the niche blog route , but with a slight twist...

I build wordpress blogs in the "Sexy Women Niche" and I have perfected a method of taking a blank blog and having it earning hands free ad revenue all from google organic rankings while working very little.

My main site (I have many) is a "Sexy Women" niche blog that to be honest was the most stupid simple website I have ever created.

Here are the basic stats...

Over 200,000 unique organic visitors from google a month. Approximately 5 to 6 thousand targeted uniques a day.

397 keywords on the first page in the top 3 spots on google

1998 keywords on the first page in the 4 to 10 spots on the front page of google

So roughly 2400 first page google rankings

Total targeted organic keywords in google is 25,774

The site has an estimated traffic value of $2,500 a month according to semrush.

Total links in google search is 281,000

90 percent of the traffic is google organic United States , 5 percent United States Mobile , and the remaining 5 percent is the rest of the world.

The site does over 2,000,000 ad impressions a month and generates thousands of clicks

The site currently makes $500 to $600 a month on autopilot from two adult ad networks that display ads on my site.

I use a top quality fast loading theme and vps hosting on sshd drives, very fast site load times.

Now here is where it gets confusing to say the least...

I have been trying to increase the revenue of the site using adult CPA offers in the cam , adult dating , and male enhancement verticals.

I contacted one of my affiliate mangers and asked what the top converting offer was and what the average conversion rate on the offer I was using was.

I was told the average rate was 513 : 1

Simple enough , for every 513 visitors to my CPA offers I should generate a commission.

I track EVERY click through on the site with software and almost all visitors click on at least one of the CPA banners while visiting the site.

At the level of targeted organic traffic I receive , I have calculated that I should have a bare minimum of 389 conversions a month.

Not even close , in fact the conversions are horrible and basically suck. When I say horrible , I mean horrible , almost non existent conversions.

I use two of the top adult CPA networks online, I use their highest converting offers as per their own websites fact sheets.

I also use the best creatives I can get and even have some custom made to insure the highest click through rates.

I am having a hard time believing that I can't get conversions on a simple free dating or free cam offer email submit on a targeted niche site with over 200,000 visitors a month .

The only reasons I can come up with for the horrible conversion rates is ...

A) Somehow my commissions are going elsewhere via cookie stuffing as I have had over 17,000 malicious but failed login attempts to the blog.


B) The networks are "skimming" the traffic and the sales and are throwing me a few crumbs

After I send the network a click I have no real way of knowing whether or not i had a sign up because its all on their back end and I have to take their word for it.

I really can't come up with any plausible explanation as to why a targeted visitor , specifically searching google for sexy women , would not fill out a one space email submit for free access to an online dating offer.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what it is I am doing wrong , if anything , I would greatly appreciate it.

Or any suggestions on how to get these offers to convert , that would also be greatly appreciated.

My goal is to get this site and my many others to at least a thousand a month in hands free revenue, which I can do simply by following my current advertising networks model for another few months...

But the total lack of conversions has me stumped.

I have been thinking about just giving up on the CPA dating model and to just start selling banner ads on the site via eBay or fiver to get the revenue up .

At this point , I would take any advice , buy a course , join another CPA network , or what have you to try and get the conversion ratio to somewhere above zero for the month. (ha)

Don't get me wrong , the free $500 to $600 a month for doing absolutely nothing is nice , but I'd like to figure out my total lack of conversions problem.

The sad part is I can build these niche blogs in my sleep and get them profitable as a publisher with ad sales in no time but the revenue payouts for CPA adult dating offers are much higher than the ad networks on my sites pay.

If someone can help me with the case of the missing conversions , I would be very appreciative .

Or point me in the right direction as to what I should look for or do to raise the CPA conversion rate.

Thanks in advance from a new member to the forum.
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