Is Changing Domains A BAD Idea?

by SeanyG
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Hey guys,

I hope you're doing well. Thanks for reading this post.

My business has been online for a 4 months and has been very successful and profitable thus far. I have been using my blog to pull organic traffic from Google.

So far the rankings have been going well. I haven't done much work aside from linking crucial key words within my blog and I am already in the top 2 pages for most of my terms. For one or two terms I am already #1!

This is bringing me good traffic: between 50 - 75 uniques per day mostly on the long tail key words.

So here is my question:

I found (through adwords) a keyword that BLOWS AWAY every other keyword I want to rank for. After 4 months of testing on adwords it has quadruple the impressions, clicks, and email opt-in conversions than the 2nd most successful term.

The domain for this key word also happens to be available. I just bought it. Currently I am on the 4th page for this term.

So I was thinking about switching domains over to the new term to help me rank better for it when I focus more on SEO.

From a user standpoint if I were to switch to the new domain it wouldn't be a huge deal because it is VERY similar to the current domain.

However, if I switch domains, what does this mean for my current Search Engine Rankings and Traffic?

Do you think I should do it? Why or why not?

Your advice is appreciated!
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