The best way to make money online for starters

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There are many ways to start making money online like, selling your own products (digital or physical), becoming a freelancer in something you have knowledge about (graphic designing, coding, or writing), advertisements, building and selling websites, affiliate marketing and many more.

But what's the best way for a newbie to get started? That's what I'm going to answer in this article.

Since we're talking about newbies here are some of the factors we need to consider:

1: They know almost nothing about online marketing.
2: They're not an expert in any particular topic or field.
3: They don't have a lot of money to invest

And here are some of the things they want or dream about:

1: They want to make money passively (without working)
2: They want to make huge amount of money in short period of time
3: They don't want to put in the work but want to earn money anyways

Now considering these factors what is the best way for a newbie to start making money online? Please note that, not working and earning money and making lot of money in short period of time is not practical (especially for newbies). Online marketing is a business not gambling.

Anyways! Considering all other factors what's the best way to get started?

Is it selling your own products or services?

A: Nope. Although selling your own info products is the most profitable online business model but when it comes to newbies it's not a good way to start.

Selling your own products will require a lot of initial investment in both development as well as marketing of the product. Also to develop a product of your own you’ll need to be an expert in a particular topic or field or you will end up creating a something useless.

Then is it freelancing?

A: Nope. To become a freelancer you'll need to have knowledge in a particular field or have some skills. Considering you do have particular skill, still freelancing is not what newbies want.

Freelancing will not enable you to make money passively. As a freelancer you'll only get paid for time you spend working.

So, what is the best way for a newbie to make money online?

A: Building and monetizing a website.

First of all, setting up a website does not involve much capital. In fact, if you use free sub-domain and hosting from sites like Blogger or Tumblr you can actually build a website for completely free.

Secondly, building a website does not need you to have knowledge in a specific field or any skill. Any knowledge of coding will definitely help but it's not required. Online services like Wordpress, Weebly, and Wix etc have made it super easy for anyone to build a custom website for themselves without any knowledge of coding.

Third, it doesn't need you to be an expert in a field that has a big market or economic value. Anything that you're good at (regardless of the fact that it's profitable or not) will make you money if you can present it in an interesting way to your audience.

So, for example let's assume you like Astronomy (it's a non profitable niche). You can't create a product related to astronomy and sell it and you can't provide a service as a freelancer in astronomy but if you write about astronomy on your blog and can attract people with similar interest you can earn money from ads or affiliate marketing.

Finally, website will make you money passively. Unlike freelancing, your website (once properly created) will make you money even when you're not working. It doesn't mean you'll never have to update it again but you certainly will generate revenue even if you don't touch it for weeks.

BTW selling your own products, freelancing and building a website are not the only possible methods of making money online there are dozens of other methods as well (like; trading, online surveys, betting etc) but these three are the most reliable methods.
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    Building and monetizing a website or a blog is a great way to earn online. Be careful of sites like Blogger or Tumblr though, as they have been known to remove make money type sites and blogs. It is probably worth investing a little into a domain and hosting. That way, you own what you promote.
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    what i did since i am a newbie until now, is i bought system from someone and they are giving me a squeeze page, video training, and 30 sets of follow up emails.. i bought the system because i don't know how to do email marketing. so they also do email marketing for me. all i have to do is just send traffic to the squeeze page. and i've got some commissions now but its not that big because my list is just hundreds not thousands..
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    I don't quite agree with you that best way for a newbie to make money online is by making website. Making a website is not a task that newbie can do easily. It requires some basic designing skills, writing skills and most importantly marketing skills using which the website will get the traffic. I don't think a newbie will have these skills from the very beginning.
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    content writing, logo design, some off-page activities also good for starter.

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