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Hi All

Hoping for some ideas - I have some of my own however always like to check to see what experts may say.

I have a site going on 8 years old
It used to be for getting leads for mortgages/home loans and then passing them onto a broker who i had a relationship with(affiliate/lead generation payments in return)
The govt imposed a heck of a lot of regulations a few years back so i pulled back and its been dormant for a while.(traffic has all but crawled along )
I would still like to utilise it as it has content and backlinks, just needs some SEO freshen up and a new theme update ect

How i monetize it is my big question before i get to work
There are a few affiliate programs available for loans ect but would like to weigh up all options
Looking for all bright ideas!

Thanks in advance Matt
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    Sorry - worth noting, its Australian focused at the moment
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    Wouldn't hurt to do a little testing with Adsense and see what kind of CPC you get

    - Robert Andrew
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    The domain name is about investment mortgages not residential first home mortgages.

    That's two completely different types of traffic looking for different information.

    You need to be targeting 2nd home buyers, time share buyers, landlords, etc..., those are the people interested in investment property.
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      Thanks for all the input
      When it was built a lot of people were buying investment property for the first time. I do like the options presented and i think you are right i may need to refocus my target market. Be very specific.
      Have you ever used the google a/b testing landing pages?
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    Depending on how many page views you get per month you may also want to look at native ads.

    Come check out my podcast! The Podcast 4 Marketers
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