In which way a coach would help you the most?

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Let's start a discussion on the most important reasons to hire a coach/mentor to grow a sustainable business online.

What's the main reason for you?...

To find the niche that has the best fit for you?

To develop a solid strategy to build a real business online?

To improve your marketing skills so you can better drive traffic and convert visitors on your website?

Speak your mind guys so we all better understand where Internet marketers are struggling the most and in which areas coaches can help the most.

BTW what's the no brainer monthly fee you would be ready to pay for that?
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    For many , a Coach holds them accountable and pushes's as simple as that.

    Not for me but many others swear by that one attribute in hiring of a coach.

    - Robert Andrew
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    I've been in business for over 16 years and provide coaching and the main reason that I find people want such services is to save time and money from having to learn from trial and error and fast track their potential success.
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    Originally Posted by maxinetimpact View Post

    In which way a coach would help you the most?
    By giving me a refund.
    That's if I were ever drunk enough to pay one in the first place.
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    A coach will keep you on the track and you are bound to follow and will make your goal crystal clear and will help you to take organized actions. Thanks :-)
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    A coach can show you what they are doing NOW that's working and correct you to make sure you don't make the mistakes a newbie would make if no one was watching them. I'd say that's the biggest advantage.

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    Probably most beneficial in terms of organizing and structuring my life in general. Someone to provide a different perspective on pretty much everything I'm doing would be greatly appreciated.
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    If you choose a mentor, it is indeed going to help to organize your business life and will cut the fluff. Your decision will concrete and action focused. The most important question is which mentor to choose and are ready to take action set by your mentor!!

    Thanks :-)
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    The only value coach can provide is to show you the right way to do things from the very beginning and help you to avoid any mistakes.

    But given all the open information out there, you could all do it yourself.

    Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value - Albert Einstein

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