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As per Allen's request, I'm making a "How to make money with Twitter" post

The first thing I can say about "Twitter Marketing" is that it CAN NOT be Twitter Marketing! You can't really go there and just post links and set up a wordpress plugin to Tweet about new blog posts but not do anything else and expect to do well - unless you're Seth Godin

The rest of us have to actually take the time to form relationships, just like normal people

Relationships are the key for all social networking. These same things go for Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc You can't approach any of the social sites with a "Ohhh! If I get a bazillion friends, and send out my link, I'll make TONS of cash!"

No, you have to spend the time to build the relationship with your followers (or friends if you're talking FB, etc)

How do you do that? Use Twitter like it was intended!
- Tweet at least a few times each day about what you're doing.
- Keep up with friends you've met at seminars, through forums, etc
- Ask questions to the people you're following
- Share sites you're reading, and what you like
- Reply to people who talk to/about you
- Be yourself!
- Keep yourself in the loop
- Comment on what others are saying

But, most of all, don't forget that you're talking to PEOPLE - treat them how you'd want to be treated. And then, when you do post a link about a product you just lauched, or a product you finished that you want reviewers for, etc, you'll get replies.

Heck, if you're good, you can get people to BEG you to give them a link And then you're in like gold

Don't use Twitter like an email list, and just send out broadcasts with aff links
Don't be a doucebag (or a tool)
Don't include a link in every tweet

Do use Twitter to build relationships - these relationships could lead to more sales, more affiliates, and more JVs down the road!
Do use Twitter to show people who YOU are
Do reply to people who tweet at/about you
Do tweet at least a few times a day, unless you're on vacation or something!

There's a TON of power in the social websites, but you can't abuse them, or you'll just be spinning your wheels and wasting time.
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