Tips For Newbies To Survive In This Game & My [Real Case Studies]

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A lot of newbies choose affiliate marketing because easy to start and no need to deal with creating products and handle the support. But the truth is doing affiliate marketing with standard or regular road is not easy as they see. Some mentors most teach to pick your niche, research keyword, build your lists and send your broadcast, other way to build product review sites or get traffic. If you are in the IM niche, you go to muncheye or jvnotifypro to scout the launches, find the products with high price products and 100% commissions. Request the affiliate links and jv tools swap and start to promote it, drive traffic to the affiliate links. This why can make a lot of newbies are fail and even broke before they start.

If the newbies are pushing them self against the big dogs with giant list or big pocket to dominating SEO or others, of course the newbies will be hard to fight with them all. Some newbies don't have a list and think twice if have to use autoresponder that cost $12-$19/month, must buying domain or hosting to build a site, most of them start doing IM to make money that means most the newbies don't have enough money in their wallet.

So, affiliate marketing sounds like easy but it's very hard to get into because most newbies are fail and don't know where to go. I have a friend that bang his laptop because doing IM not give him a single dime.

Like me, I almost give up. I'm online years ago using my little brother in law pc and cheap internet connection. I have a baby and my offline business is bankrupt. I believe online business is my best option to get income for my family. But I always try to find a way how to get that affiliate marketing dream. I must realized have to find another road to get there. I must going away from that crowded, but will be my homework to get there someday. I go to forums, freelance sites, check my inbox hoping any news about some chances to make money online. Losing some money by scam programs and shiny products.

Struggle to get income from online till one day I ask a friend (his name is Erick from Germany), he suggest me to go to fiverr... I don't like the ideas about $5 and I don't have many advance skills like designing, SEO spam backlinks or writing. I only can open gig about build a wp blog. So, I don't have many orders and my gig seller only to Level 2. Building a blog for $5 is very pain and consume time. Years ago fiverr don't have premium gigs and very little extra gig can be offer. Also my competitors are selling 1x gig for two blog creation. I don't know how to beat that. Even I have some income from online, but not enough to cover my bills. I must find a way to get more sales.

I have my blurb when some IM vendors are selling bundle pack in some season like Black Friday or other Holiday evens. So, I grab some cool offers, mostly the vendors are trowing their old products, this is what I can afford to buy. In 2012 or 2013 I bought covert bundles from IMW.. (I saw they launch it again this year!) and found some ideas to buzz more about the products but use my gig version. The feedback are good, most of them have the same products but not to dig more or some just to buy and leave to dust. When I offer them.."hey use the plugins or themes but with my version", seems like they're okay with that and some just want to see what's the different and some get exited again with the buzz.


I found also this is my chance to sell the affiliate products related with my gigs to them using file on the attachment or ask them visit to youtube video to build my list, I got more sales from affiliate products. I know this methods are not new and some vendors selling this fiverr-to-affiliate technique, but it works for me. Until now I use this methods, most of my buyers thankful about my affiliate recommendations. Yes, till now I'm still standing here and feel lucky not "wasted" from make money online. Even now still struggling from another failed, but I always try to find a way to get back to the track.

My tips for newbies or new comers are don't easy to give up and always find a way to be there. Use your skills, creativity or anything you have to win the battle in this game. You don't have to listen to others because you have brain, heart and power of you to get what good for you. There are many doors for you to go into the game and if there are no doors just build one. Just think outside the box and watch and learn from the other side.

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    My tips would be...

    1. Don't quit
    2. Learn from your mistakes
    3. Apply what you learn
    4. Keep what works
    5. Discard what doesn't work

    If you follow that advice, within a year or two, you will have made so many mistakes and learned from them, that all you will have left are the tactics that do work!
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      Originally Posted by colsean View Post

      My tips would be...

      1. Don't quit
      2. Learn from your mistakes
      3. Apply what you learn
      4. Keep what works
      5. Discard what doesn't work

      If you follow that advice, within a year or two, you will have made so many mistakes and learned from them, that all you will have left are the tactics that do work!
      Succinct and to the point. Don't quit is the biggy. I look back and see a few ventures I started that probably would have worked if I didn't bail on them so early.
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    There are many doors for you to go into the game and if there are no doors just build one.
    This is good advice. Newbies are always looking for a "proven" or "guaranteed" system. The people who taste real success develop their own systems.

    And then usually make a bunch extra by selling the system they developed to others.
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    Also don't enter into the game with the thought process that I just want to make a quick buck! Make sure you have the mindset of bringing value to other people so that they can bring it back to you ten fold. Many newbies just want to make that dollar and your already at a lost with that mentality.
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  • You know, a long time ago I was a guitar player who knew nothing about guitar and all I wanted to do was become really good and teach for a living. It took me many, many years of literally immersing myself with hundreds of other guitar players/teachers and reading the forums, participating, testing, failing, practicing for hours and hours, learning from the best, and just DOING it for a long, long time.

    Now, I'm a master guitar player after a few years and I make more money teaching than I ever thought I could...

    It's the same for internet marketing. As a newbie, your best bet is NOT to spend a whole crapload of money on stuff... Your best bet is to just learn. Learn from blogs, forums, participate, make websites, make blogs, test stuff out, trial and error, find teachers, make friends, and eventually years later you will be so good at it that you can actually make your own products and totally dominate.

    The #1 rule is don't blow your money away. Don't spend it on traffic, don't spend it on products, don't buy random shit. Just stick with the free stuff and learn until YOU can start producing and earning an income.

    Everyone teaches for free anyway. Ryan Deiss, Russel Brunson, etc.

    The only reason to pay someone craploads of money is if you want it to be done for you, overnight. BUT that is very risky as you never know if it will really work unless you are already a professional who can spot the scams from the legit stuff. Eventually YOU will be the one who gets paid by the newbs who don't know anything. xD
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