How to get maximum sales from WSO?

by nitesh
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Hello Everyone,

I plan on starting WSO of my animation services. How to get the maximum sales of my animation services from WSO? Are the prices in WSO low with low output as compared to other service providers in other sites? Please share your ideas and experiences.

Thank You
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    Don't open it here: ... Warrior Special Offers | Warrior Forum


    Open your service thread specifically here: ... WARRIORS FOR HIRE

    And then you can explain anything you want your prospects to know.
    You can set any price you want or demand your customers to ask you a quote.
    Give some free reviews if you can, but to well-known or reputable members, NOT newbies or Free Stuff Seekers.
    You also can set some different prices with a different service quality or end result in a couple of packages.

    And try to make a mutual connection with other warriors/providers in the same niche (at least video service niche).
    See what you can offer and do together with them to expose your establishment here.

    Good luck!

    Make your signature message short & clear!

    I'm learning to draw again ...
    I want to sell my drawing later on!
    Wish me luck, okay?!

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    Find posts of people who experience the problems your service solves

    Solve their problem by posting a free sample

    Don't post your service link and say "get more at..." etc etc. That would be SPAMTASTIC

    Instead, SOLVE people's problems and if they find your stuff VALUABLE, they'll order or at least tell other people.

    Also, don't BUMP discussions that are VERY OLD (more than 1 week here at WaFo). Be on the lookout for NEW discussions and PARTICIPATE.

    Don't just drop a link bomb and leave.

    I hope this helps you.

    It's all about VALUE. You MAKE Money when you trade VALUE for VALUE.
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    I don't think animation niche will be good choice for WSO. WSO has its own traffic, hence if your sales page is good enough, you will automatically attract loads of hungry buyers.
    But I am quite sure with animation niche you won't be able to profit much. I would suggest you to use other niche related to IM if you are really keen on getting success with WSO.
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    i would also try fiverr with your service. i do very well with video gigs on fiverr
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