Branding a webinar product with the right message

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Hi all,

I have a dilemma.

I have a product in the sexual relations category.

Ive heard trying to advertise products of a sexual nature on Facebook for instance can be difficult.

Im also worried about getting the message correct.

Without going into too much detail, the product teaches people how to increase the sexual pleasure of their partner. Even without having sex in any form this teaches people how to increase the power and duration of orgasm.

Its perfect for anyone who wants to improve their sex life, or for instance women who have issues having orgasm, or men with sexual problems like erectile dysfunction or premature issues.

How do I advertise something like this that is acceptable and doesnt seem incredulous?
I would like to go for something like

The science of how to give your partner mind blowing multiple orgasms within 5 mintes and without the need for sex!

Yeah, it needs work, but you get where I am going with it.
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    I have also started to write the script and material for a product -

    "Design yourself a brand new you in just 2 minutes per day for 2 weeks with a 91% proven success rate"

    Do you think that would work?

    It's targeted at an audience like Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, NLPers, etc.

    The Telos Lifestyle Revolution: Think Better. Feel Better. Be Better.
    The Weight Loss Habit: Say Goodbye to Emotional Eating & Stop Obsessing About Food

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