If your direct linking less than 2% of your traffic will buy! Here's why:

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In short while everybody else is direct linking to their affiliate offer and or business opportunity,mlm.... What ever but are th people buying the product or the value/results it will produce them?

There is a boat load of traffic out there today including other affiliates... While 95% plus are direct linking to the product we separate ourselves by having a custom opt in page. Not around the product but around the value or the results your customer is looking for. They opt in and then you need to have own training or system that will give your prospect what they are looking for while not giving away sooooo much but to thank them and lead them into your paid offer or your monitization...

The big thing is we are building a list or a future warm traffic source and we can have fun learning about optimizing for each conversion...

yea ha marketers....

Lets make 2017 a fantastic year for all...
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    I don't know how accurate the 2% is, but there is a reason why the most successful marketers use landing/squeeze pages!
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    Hey, guys so would you just mask and forward your squeeze page to the affiliate link? or do you just capture their email and send them down a sales funnel through email? my question is how do you get the email address and the sale at the same time?
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      One way is to set up a mini sales funnel of your own like the one diagrammed below.

      Squeeze Page --> Landing Page --> Sales Page

      1) Squeeze page with offer for a free report or ebook related to your affiliate offer. When they sign up for Free offer you use your Landing page as your "thank you" page from your autoresponder.

      TIP - Tell them to give you the email where they want you to send their free report. This way you'll get a legit email address. Then just set up your first autoresponder message to either send them the report or a link to the download page for the report.

      2) You then use landing page to presell the affiliate offer and send them to the product sales page.

      Besides increasing your conversions, this method gives you an edge over other affiliates who direct link by adding value to buying from you (they get the freebie from you) and building your credibility with your buyers.

      It will also let you build your own list which you can sell to gain and again in the future.

      Hope this helps!
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        Thanks for the tip! Should I out source the auto responder or is there a plugin for word press i can use?
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        Steve, like the way you outlined the process, looks straight forward. For a squeeze page what software/page builder would you recommend?

        Also, how do you drive traffic to the squeeze page? This is the tough part!


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    Hi, great post! We keep hearing that the money is in the list. Is this what you believe and have you experienced that yourself?


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    Hi Epoltrack77:

    Great post. I believe you are on to something here. People are getting and have been getting tired of the direct pitch, so putting a buffer in there is a great idea.

    Here's to a great 2017.....

    Exactly What I am Doing to Easily Build Consistent Recurring Income.
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    Spot in with this!

    Get them to Opt-in and then treat them well, give them good info, and freebies that are really useful.

    And you will have the potential to make money from them for years to come.

    Good stuff!
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