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I noticed over the weekend that someone posted that they have not made a dime in 12 years of being online. That got me thinking about my own battle to make money online.
I dropped online marketing for trading, which like doing IM, requires a certain mindset.

Now I'm pretty sure that they could not had been fully engaged, focused and seeing a system through in all that time, otherwise they would had broken out and made some dosh, so looking at oneself with true reflection is required like Michael Jackson's "Man in the mirror", Ok lets park that.

Before Google took on it's more objective, lets rule the world campaign it was relatively easy to get a decent ROI on a PPC campaign - taking a moment out, I found my old "Corey Rudyl" manual and many things are still true today as they were back in his day. he said that 90 days was an internet year but the world of IM has moved on and settled somewhat now. It has become systematic, which I personally like hence I do well at trading, I stick to the system as I have faith in it - I know if I put X in I get X+ out, and that's how I started to make money online, I stuck and worked the system, learnt it through and through.

So, to me it doesn't matter if it takes a month to get something up and running that will nett $100 / month, when I rinse and repeat it will only take two weeks, then one week then a weekend etc until I have it outsourced earning me a decent packet for minimum management. Then it's on to learn a new system.

So back to the topic, for me the qualities and skills required are setting goals why are you doing it in the first place. Single minded, totally focused, unwavering dedication and belief in the system. Follow through and though, quality content and over delivering for me is King, it doesn't need to be perfect to get it out there no matter what you are doing.

And the No1. skill for me was learning to type, gosh I used to use one finger it use to be like a daisy wheel printer. What other qualities and skills can you add??
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    Originally Posted by Gary Chapple View Post

    And the No1. skill for me was learning to type, gosh I used to use one finger it use to be like a daisy wheel printer. What other qualities and skills can you add??
    I've found that personal growth helps me develop the qualities and skills that I need. It's quite a journey, learning internet marketing! Yet th No1. skill as you put it, for me, is growing me as I go about the journey.
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    Wtf. Even my sister has made money online - she knitted some plushies and they sold on Etsy!!!
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      Thanks to brettb well done sis & EPoltrack77 yes you're right it's the person.
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    Yea nothing personal to anybody but you really need to be out there if you have been online and haven't made a dime. Its the person and nothing else. That's a fact. That person is not or is not coachable! It is so easy to make money online. Do what other top people are doing and soon you will get results. Its that simple.
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    Great post Gary!

    I totally agree with you, I don't care if it takes me several months to get something going.

    However, I was not always this way, in my earlier days online--it seems like a lifetime ago--If it didn't make me tons overnight I moved on to some other shiny object.
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    I personalty work hard on adding content and promoting my site.
    You need to be dedicated to your project (in my case a website).
    You shouldn't give up and try different approaches in order to succeed.
    You need to learn all the time in order to use new approaches.
    The internet is changing quite often so you need to react accordingly.
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    Definitely. It takes learning and trial & error. After that, improving the process and finding more sources of traffic. Takes a couple of months at least (or weeks if you're lucky) to get something good going
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