Being Upfront with your audience about affiliate marketing

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How would you do it?
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    Put a formal Disclosure telling them you recommend certain products that could be beneficial to them but you do receive a small commission if they buy it.


    - Robert Andrew
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    I like to do it in a friendly manner, something a little jokey around the link to give it a personal touch, and give them a reason why they should still buy via you.
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    I usually break the ice as well if I am writing a review article or similar piece of content by telling them that I'll be listing my shameless affiliate link below.

    I also include affiliate disclosures and the standard legal pages on the footer of all my sites where I promote affiliate links.
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    If you have a website you want to let them know that you will get a financial benefit from them using your link.
    You can either create a page on your website discussing this or you can include the disclaimer in your posts.

    Good luck,

    Exactly What I am Doing to Easily Build Consistent Recurring Income.
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    The best is to have used it yourself and genuinely recommend it. And then disclose that you'll earn a commission. That should be totally fine in my opinion.
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    Originally Posted by NeilKHess View Post

    How would you do it?
    However the law requires....

    Tricky Dick is NOT a law breaker! :-)
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    I would do a blog and direct them to that entity that way they can see for themselves through your trials and tribulations that way you will be building that relationship. Your consistently communicating through that to them on a daily basis they can see the genuine character within you which allow the process of trust to be a lot easier on both parties.
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    I put a page up on any blog that I have that tells the reader that unless I state otherwise I will make a commission from the products/links found on the blog
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    Originally Posted by NeilKHess View Post

    How would you do it?

    By having a blog, landing page, autoresponder, Facebook fanpage and Youtube channel - if you are not shy doing videos or being in front of camera.

    The blog is your trust generator. It acts as your online ID about who you are, what you do and why people should read let alone learn from your posts.

    The landing page - also known as lead capture and squeeze page is where you capture people's name and emails so that you can market to them again and again via autoresponder emails from Aweber or Getresponse.

    Since most people - including celebrities - like to post on Facebook, you may consider getting your fanpage where you can invite people who shared your interest and constantly liked your normal posts to like and be your fan.

    And Youtube channel is where people can see your face and hear your voice just to be sure that you are a real living people talking to them and addressing their issues.
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    I do videos and blog posts. When I suggest a product I just say (or write) that I am an affiliate and whenever true I say I got the product first, liked it and then promoted it. I rarely suggest anything that I have not tried unless I know and trust the product maker. I think honesty is the best policy and I point out why I am suggesting the tool and it does not have to do with money.
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