Virality at it's best: $130 for a $5.50 metro card.. thanks Supreme.

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As a fashion aficionado, I can seriously appreciate the latest marketing Supreme did with NYC Metro.

Check it out:

I'm really curious what they're uptake on ticket sales are during this marketing stunt to see the cause and effect a luxury brand can do to an everyday ticket. Clearly causing congestion at NYC stations

Now as much as I am a marketer, I'll admit that I am a product of good marketing too. So in my own best interest, I decided I wanted one. Asked a few friends in NYC - all of which didn't have the time to run out and grab one for me (sad, I know).

So what's a guy to do? Where does one look?


Legit, people are actually eBaying them. They're monetizing them like crazy.

($130!??! Are you kidding me?)

So for all my NYC friends and Warriors alike... monetize away if you can get your hands on one.
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