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Newbie to internet marketing, i'm trying to monetize this site i recently built.

Motor Scooter Insurance

Any ideas how to develope this?

need to get more traffic and stuff.

feedback welcome.
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  • Are you actually looking for feedback? Or are you just posting these "review" threads to get people to look at your site?

    I only ask because I notice you have two on the same page, and both are relatively simple and probably quickly made.

    If thats the case, just stick with one and seriously try to get it working.

    Money isn't real, George. It doesn't matter. It only seems like it does.

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    christopher, i'm actually looking for help.
    i've setup quite a few websites with the idea of getting adsense income, but they dont seem to be working, i'm new to this, so i'm looking for guidance. i have about 5 other websites that i'm trying to make happen. whats your advice?
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    My advice for what its worth ditch the google ads build some great content and pimp the site for all its worth. not many people I know retired on google adsense earnings. (there are exceptions to every rule. Digg $200,000 month)
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