EVENTBRITE: Affiliate Marketing for Author Events

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I posted a thread on here a little while ago titled Traditional Book Sales and Marketing Ideas for Authors where I talked about three popular offline forms of marketing for authors: bookstore signings, evening book launches at restaurants or pubs, plus craft fairs and farmer's markets. Oftentimes, the venue owners and fair organizers will do their own event marketing (e.g. community flyers, print/radio advertising) to bring people to the events they host. But no matter where you're trying to sell a book--whether offline or online--you still have to make a concerted effort to drive additional traffic of your own there. Otherwise, your sales will be lower than they could be.

One of the most effective ways to drive more traffic to an author event is by using Eventbrite. Not only can you organize all your event details and ticket sales through this website, but it is also set up nicely for affiliate marketing which means you can get help selling more tickets! It's like hiring a 100% commission sales team to help you promote and sell more books.

Check it out. Google Eventbrite for more details. I've been using it for years, and I highly recommend it. (It's also worth noting that your Eventbrite events can be synced with your Facebook page events for additional exposure there.)

What other affiliate marketing sites do you recommend to authors?
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