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I'm doing a little market research here (mods -- I hope this is ok)...

I'm thinking of doing a wso or classified ad -- but i want to know if there's a market for what I have in mind. I will NOT give out full details here -- because this is only market research -- this thread is NOT an ad for something (specific) -- so please do not pm me. I am not offering anything yet!

Here's what I have in mind -- a physical audio cd info product that give small biz owners OFFline marketing tips. I would not brand the content, but I could brand the cover art.

You could sell it to your customers ($15-20). I would sell it for $5 each in packs of 10. Again it is OFFline mrktng tips + strategies, etc. for OFFline small biz owners.

Let me know if this would be of use to you "offline golders"

It's a little askew because it teaches OFFline methods, and you're supposed to be the ONline guru. But, under the heading "You're trying to help them improve their marketing, in whatever ways you can," it DOES fit in.

If this idea does not strike you as useful, then I'll just scrap the whole notion.

Please advise.


-- TW
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    TW -

    I send an audio disk with every lead generation response. Most of the time when I meet with the owner to get a check it is sitting there still in it's sealed case.

    My 2 cents.

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    Almost without fail the major complaint of the small businesses I speak to is that they don't have time to do it all. As a service provider my message is that I can take care of the marketing leaving them more time to focus on the rest of their business. Your cd wouldn't be congruent with my message.

    There is a subset of small biz owners that want to do it themselves and I suggest you target those directly with a cd/dvd and/or a continuity model specific to their industry - offline marketing for realtors/chiro/tax prep services etc. It would be simple to add online marketing, social media and other modules as well once you have the audience.

    For a WSO you could produce PLR or white-label reports for offline marketers to use to work with their clients. As far as online vs offline marketing I don't believe the answer for a small business is always online marketing, and in fact I'd walk quickly away from anyone who said that it was always the complete solution.
    "Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast."
    Tom Peters

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