Can anybody Tll Me Why i Cannot Log Into My FTP With Fillezilla ??

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Hi Guys,
Cannot understand why today i cannot log into fillezilla, Just set up a new WP blog Laser Tattoo Removel and want to add a new theme so i`ve gone to Filezilla added the host address, then, then my password the same one i use for cpanel but it will not connect ?? I also tried it with my old blog which i used filezilla with last month to download some images and i cannot logon with that address either ???

Can Anybody help pls !!!!

cheers Jim
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    ummm .... not to be too obvious but from the links above your FTP would be:-


    You seem to have your domain name confused.

    Hope this helps.

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      Oh that would of been so easy but it was just a type error i had entered the right address in filezilla i did it again just now to be sure !!
      But anyway but thats not it, Any other ideas ??

      Cheers jim
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    What error message do you get?

    There's hundreds of reasons why you cannot connect; the error message will help us narrow it down

    Also... have you thought about asking your host?
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    Depending on who your host is the problem might be that your IP{ has been blocked for some reason. I know with the company I am hosted with I can login to my account and Release my IP address. This happens when someone tries to log into your account unsuccessfully a few times in a row.

    I've done this and waited 5 minutes then tried again and it did the trick.

    If you still cannot login using your FTP program then you may want to contact your hosting provider and ask them. It's not your Filezilla program it would most likely be something to do with your hosting service.

    Mike Hill
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      I often just put the domain name in without the ftp- is it worth just trying ''? Are you then putting in your user name and finally password?
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    If you recently had any viruses they can corrupt your program, too. You might have to uninstall and reinstall it. There are a lot of viruses that are using ftp as transfer right now, too - so it might actually be more secure to just use your c-panel if you can.

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    Try using just the domain name, without protocol or subdomain ( ftp:// is the protocol, "www." is the subdomain ). Filezilla should be able to connect with just that info.

    Look at the dialog pane as FZ tries to connect. You'll see error messages in red, that will give you an idea of where to look next for problems.

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    try using coreftp program its free
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