Was I Fairly Ripped For This?

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I recently bumped a WSO and received a flaming text accusing me of just being in it for the money and being a scamming horrible person due to a reference in the sales letter. Yes, the product is about making money, has different parts, and this one paragraph has language I've bolded that apparently prompted the text:

Odd stuff you would never think of. Did you know I recently became a minister for free? Took 60 seconds. Weeks later someone was inquiring about my services after I casually dropped my new credentials in conversation. That's how freakin' easy is to get "authority" for free that you can turnaround and promote for free. Hell, err, I mean well, think you could get more sales if you were not just Pat Doe but Pat Doe, Minister? Absolutely.
The person texting is from the Bible belt.

I was trying to make the point about how authority can be easily and quickly obtained, and using a fun example (OK, I thought it was fun) of how to be a minister.

Factually, I was referred to a website by a church officially recognized in California who offered the opportunity to be a minister for free. I tried it. Lo and behold in the mail came an official certificate and other documents. Later, I was at a wedding and mentioned my newfound credentials and the website. There was laughing and joking about it. But then when the minister for the wedding did not arrive I was suddenly getting a serious inquiry about providing services. I declined.

My initial thoughts:

- Don't worry about one person's feedback. He misunderstood the context.

- Rework the sales letter. This is a very tiny bit of the product and don't really want to expand one bullet point into more than what it is.

- Don't use the word hell.

- Don't touch religion.

- Find a different example about obtaining authority.

What say you? Fairly ripped or not?

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    Oh dear, politics religion & sex.

    Second thoughts sex sells go for it!!
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    Controversy sells too. There is bound to be someone offended by just about anything. I think you are on the right track with the lessons you outlined. I would say the most important part is try not to take it personal and move forward with positive thoughts and actions
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    Certainly, your reader over-reacted.

    But I would like to ask one question.

    Is perceived authority different from actual authority?

    If someone with perceived authority (because they have a title next to their name) is relied upon to produce or "make good" on the actual use of the authority, where will that leave them?

    Even though the credentials may be "official" from some non-accredited organization, in reality, the authority title is just a name. No performance standards were met, no testing took place, no real study or experience in the field were required.

    If the public supposes or assumes the title of authority carries with it these standards and participation, then they are being deceived.

    Certainly, "buyer beware" applies if anyone relies upon or pays for "fake authority" ... but I can't help but feel that the perpetrator has some level of responsibility for deceiving those that trust the authority title.

    Just my opinion,


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    Yep...Controversy certainly gets more people talking and interested...resulting in more eyeballs to your content. If you have a good product and reply with a response by taking the high road, I'd say everything will turn out in your favor
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    I have a standard response to anyone that doesn't like what I do or how I do it in any aspect of my life, including business..

    "Go pound sand."

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    No doubt I'd sell more reports on legal topics if I were to call myself a lawyer, or be taken more seriously on medical matters if I claimed I were a doctor. But laws exist to deter me from making such claims.

    There are other fields that aren't so restrictive. For example, anyone can call themselves a marketing guru or sales expert regardless of relevant experience. Self-proclaimed experts litter the internet.

    For sure, perceived authority is valuable. But the important lesson here is that people need to learn how to distinguish between real and assumed authority.
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    Personally, I would probably remove the word "hell" and substitute "heck". That said, I wouldn't worry about the complaint from one person. I certainly wouldn't waste a minute responding to him nor would I waste a second worrying about him.
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    I have always said you will never antagonize your readers by NOT using profanity or suggestive comments....and staying away from religion.

    On that story in particular - I'd guess you had more readers chuckling than being shocked and appalled.

    I wouldn't worry about one person complaining - unless you had a dozen unsubs at the same time.
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    It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.

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    - Don't worry about one person's feedback.
    OMG! Brian!! (that's Oh My Gosh!)

    People with mythic memberships sure get defensive quickly and easily.

    There was an ad in the back of Rolling Stone for years offering ordination for $35.

    Is perceived authority different from actual authority?
    Authority perceived is authority achieved.

    Claiming you were "chosen" will double your income.
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    Up sell them a ouija board.
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    I thought it was pretty well known that anyone could become a minister through The Universal Life Church.

    Conan O'Brien did a bit about it on his show 5-6 years ago (maybe longer).

    It is recognized in most states.
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    Your initial thoughts are wise. Stick to them.
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    Ignore those types of posts..

    Your online and people flame everyone..

    That's why you need to create a support channel for people to reach out to your staff, rather than you..

    The sooner you do that.. the better life becomes..

    I come on the forums and post, but reading every comment that comes along.. is a good way to destroy any confidence a person has left..
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      I agree. There will always be haters that do nothing else than hate. I like the support channel idea. Seems like a great solution to that kind of problems.
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    There will always be someone who take offence. Wouldn't worry about it. They are lacking in the quality of reasonableness.
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    Your conscience has been triggered which means you'll probably be losing sleep unless you address the issue. The fact that you created this post proves my point. In which case, the course of action that you've outlined would probably be your best option. Everyone else's opinion on what you should do is merely their opinion. The important thing is, what do you perceive is the best thing to do? Once you make that determination, Go For It! I wish you the best.
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    I don't see a problem. Its no possible way you are going to please everybody.
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