How do you feel about Amazon changing their affiliate fees?

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I received an email a little while ago from Amazon stating they are changing their affiliate fees. The biggest thing is they are taking down the tiered list, dropping all other categories to 4% (4.5% decrease) and setting certain categories to 5.5, 6, 7 or 8%.

Somehow it makes it easier for people to understand... If you sell more the 6 products in any given month in a category unlisted, you'll be losing money.

Unfortunately, my niche fell into a set percentage and I'm going to lose nearly half of my earnings this year due to this fee change, so I'm pretty pissed off.

I guess it's the best time to invest in Amazon stock as this year they're going to squeeze even more out of the community.

How is everyone else feeling?
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    So everyone loses money because of these changes? I dont completely understand the changes
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    This was bound to happen.

    Expect more cut in commission rate in the future. I have seen some categories dont even have that 4% commission that you mentioned. Its much less than that.
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    It seems like their affiliate program is not worthy anymore.... People should go out for partner programs.... there are plenty of great products in the market who offer partnerships and affiliate sales .......

    Affordable Email Marketing for High volume email marketers

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      Yeah unfortunately ( or fortunately for some) Amazon is so huge now. And they don't need or really rely in a significant way on Affiliates to generate revenue for them.

      This was just a smart move on their behalf for their bottom line and Shareholders.

      It does suck and I know it has to really be painful for many who have literally put in years of hard work to build their Amazon businesses.

      No doubt
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    Affiliate marketing for companies is what known as a "necessary evil". Companies give up a portion of the products profit, and in exchange, affiliates drive traffic to their website. Once the website is stable to the point that traffic is no longer a concern, we the affiliate marketer are no longer needed. The lowering of affiliate rates is Amazons way of saying "Thank you, but you are no longer needed."
    Amazon is so big now that they are literally affecting(negatively) physical retail stores. Walmart is hurting and so are other big chain outlets because of Amazon. It's like amazon is sucking all the air out of a room and they don't care who suffocates (watch the original version of "Total Recall" to get my meaning on the this).
    If your affiliate business is impacted in a negative way from the scheduled fee changes, then adjust quickly. Look for other affiliate programs out there. Hell, if Amazon treats the very people who helped promote it in the first place like crap, then do the old time honored tradition and go work for the competition. Hint: Walmart and Jet need help, see if their affiliate rates are better! I haven't checked, just get to hustling.
    Anyway, this little rant is my way of saying "F.U. Amazon." I'll guarantee you that they'll spin doctor the hell out of this, including all of their affiliate evangelists.
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      This reaction happens every time Amazon makes changes to their commission structure. Some affiliates adapt, many drop out. And the cycle continues ...
      “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton
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    Having Amazon STEAL 50%-70% of my income overnight, putting MY efforts over the last year in the toilet and directly in their pocket.

    There is no other word for it but "theft"...

    I don't feel very good about it, in fact, I would go as far as to say what they did should be criminal.

    Absolutely ZERO warning (unless you call 5 days before implementation, warning).

    I think there are going to be a lot of people on the street with this move from Amazon. I'll be pretty danged close to that myself.

    Par for the course with BIG business anymore though. Screw your "employees" for the bottom line...
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