Product Development or Affiliate Marketing? Which is Better?

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Product Development or Affiliate Marketing which one is more better or profitable for you now?
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    Originally Posted by hardworker2013 View Post

    Product Development or Affiliate Marketing which one is more better or profitable for you now?
    Both can be very profitable, as I've made good money from both. And still doing it today. But with affiliate marketing, it's getting much harder for the new guys. These days you need a relationship with either your list of subscribers or users from your whatever). But once you have their trust, you will make some great sales.

    And with product development. I think this is the best way to go. You own your own product and not competing with other affiliates. You can get the affiliates to promote your product too. But you have to have something worth selling.
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    I don't like comparing and saying what is better for stuff like this. Some people excel at one or the other but it doesn't make either better.

    You need to figure out what works better for you
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    This is very particular question to answer.
    I would only like to answer that product creation is not for everyone. For example if someone is only starting with internet marketing, product creation may not be suitable for him. In that case he should opt for affiliate marketing. Hence it all depends on expertise and experience.
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    Difficult choice, as a newbie (horrible term that, I think), It's probably a matter of what you fall into. Certainly product creation can seem like a daunting task in the beginning, but there are shortcuts. I personally used public domain and then reworked a piece that was still relevant today. The good thing about product creation it is always out there working for you.

    I personally believe that most people naturally fall into affiliate marketing in belief it is easier only to have their hopes and dreams shattered when they realise it is not that easy as trust needs to be earned. CPA can be a good way to start if you understand the mechanics of getting a positive ROI.

    But which is best, personal choice I think.
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    Two of them have their cons and Pros. If you build your content greatly, both can bring you great sales. However, for a newbie, I prefer to PD, because, it is easier than AM
    Pros of Affiliate Marketing:
    1. Requires no time to create products
    2. Requires no investment to create products
    3. Plenty of existing products to promote
    4. You don't need to provide customer service
    Pros of Selling Your Own Products:
    1. You will be building your own customer list of buyers
    2. You have full control
    3. You keep 100% of the revenue
    4. High income potential
    5. Affiliates can exponentially extend your reach
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    Both are profitable. You just need to decide which one you want to get started with? You want to become a master what you are good at. Thanks :-)
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    Thank you all for your comments, Affiliate marketing has made a lot of money however Product development is what have made me the bigger buck. Think about it, with affiliate marketing you only get a percentage of the sales. However when you produce your own product you keep most if not all of the sales unless you are using affiliates to help sell your product.
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    Originally Posted by hardworker2013 View Post

    Product Development or Affiliate Marketing which one is more better or profitable for you now?
    New York thin-crust or Chicago deep-dish? (sigh).

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    Although I do some affiliate marketing, I prefer producing my own products. Mainly because I query my lists every month or so to find out what problems they are currently having. I then create a product that will solve their problems. And since I control what is in that product, I can include the solutions my lists are looking for!

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    If you have patience, product development is the way to go. AM can be very unstable at times. With product you sail smooth over a longer period of time
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