Where can I sell full exclusive rights to ebooks?

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I have five books on the Kindle marketplace which I don't have time to market properly.

I'd like to get rid of them by selling the exclusive full rights to those books to someone at a low price.

Unfortunately, I don't know where to list them. The WSO section here doesn't seem like the right fit.

Any idea?
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    Originally Posted by Nick Evans View Post


    I have five books on the Kindle marketplace which I don't have time to market properly.

    I'd like to get rid of them by selling the exclusive full rights to those books to someone at a low price.

    Unfortunately, I don't know where to list them. The WSO section here doesn't seem like the right fit.

    Any idea?
    Nick, could you define the rights? Can we remove your name? Are they copyrighted? Registered copyrights?

    Are they all related? Any sales?

    You might be able to use WF Marketplace if related to IM. Otherwise, like attracts like, so find some sites with similar work and create an offer for the owners of that site.

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    BUILD A LIST arount the topic of the ebook.

    And market to your prospects: so u can sell the ebooks and then sell more about the niche

    WSO can be used to build a large email list
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    Mate I would email some of the PLR companies on the web they buy books all the time , I used to use Resell Rights Weekly bloke who owns is member or was

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    Have you considered giving your books away? I'm serious.

    If you plan to sell in the markets where the books give valuable information, it would be quite easy to build an email list (via squeeze page) using your book give-away. Then you could funnel the traffic to your own sites, promote affiliate offers, or even sell back end products.

    If you aren't going to be doing future business in the niche, I would sell the books in the following way:

    - Look at the SERPs (search engine results pages) for the main keywords and phrases that fit your book. Visit all the top sites returned in the search and make an offer of rights to your book to the owners of those top sites. You might even send them a copy of your book so they can preview it - and if it's good, you should have some interest from these business owners in featuring sales of the book on their niche sites or even as a backend product they could sell.

    If you feel you don't have the time to do this (I really don't think it would take all that long to do what I'm suggesting), you could hire someone at FreeLancer, Upwork, etc (or even the Warrior Forum) to do this for you.

    Good luck,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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  • You can post in the SEO and affiliate marketing forums. A lot of members from these sites are in need of ebooks to use for their own niche sites. But IMO, it would be better to just push through with the Kindle business. If you have no time to do this you can easily outsource.
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    In a previous thread (if these are the same books) you said they were a couple years old - you had outsourced the writing of them - they were 6000 or so words (about 20 pages?). If they have been on Amazon for some time - how many copies have sold?

    How much do you have invested in these ebooks? Are you trying to get your money back or just unload the books?

    I don't know how difficult is it to sell books already listed on Amazon - but I'd include the pen name and I'd sell them cheap and move on....or take them off Amazon and use as giveaways if yo have niches they fit in... or sell to a PLR site if you can.
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    This thread will tell you where you can find an agent to help you sell the rights to your ebooks: You Could Earn More $$ Selling Rights Than Selling Books. Usually no upfront cost with these agents, but each one is different. They just take a cut of the profits (my agent takes 25%).
    Book Publishing Shortcuts for Online Marketers: the EXACT strategies today's top independent authors are using to sell thousands of books online every year.
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    Perhaps there would be someone who is good at Kindle marketing who would be open to partnership? There are Kindle subforums on this board you might be able to find someone who does a ton of Kindle marketing.
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    Hi Nick,

    Have you tried talking to JayKay Bak, I think he is a member of this forum as well, he'll might be able to help you out

    Kind regards,
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    Why not try posting on the SEO and affiliate marketing forums. Many people are looking for exactly what you are trying to sell, given that they have a need for the topic you have written about.
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    I did not see this strategy mentioned here so I figured I would share it guys.

    I once created a WSO and really did not properly launch it back then but it still made about $5000 in 30 days just from a couple bumps in the market place.

    I thought about Re-Launching it to give it the Glory it deserved but then I the idea to place it on Flippa and sell the Master Rights to it.

    Hmmm. And what category is Selling the Rights to eBooks on Flippa? There isn't one!

    No Problem.

    What I did as a workaround was just sell the Matching Catchy Domain Name on a Domain Only Auction and Made the Rights to a Proven Cash Maker eBook a Free Bonus for purchasing the Domain!

    I think it was only a 3 or 5 day auction but long story short I made a lump sum $2500 Cash "Buy It Now Bid" selling the Rights to the eBook.

    Remember your Description is actually a Sales Page. Give the features and Benefits.

    What I did was explain that the eBook was the Real Star of the Show. A proven money maker only promoted on a single forum without a proper launch sequence. Huge Potential.

    Was creative but heck yea the Marketing Gods were smiling on me that day ha. I do live in reality. Most times.

    Those buyers informed me they would also sell the Rights to the eBook and I thought that was also a great idea.

    These days I would probably sell Master Rights of one of my products to a previous customer who enjoyed it and throw in some Free Training until they fully recouped investment.

    Always plenty of creative ways to achieve our goals.


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    If you don't have time then I suggest post it on classified to find jv and talk it out how the profit should split.
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    Your best bet would be to take them off Kindle completely and sell them as a package in the "OTHER" section of Warrior Forum

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