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by nitesh
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Hello Everyone,

I have started a new youtube channel and I plan to bring the new facts and tech products to make the channel interesting. Please tell what more should I do to gain the maximum subscribers. What will it take to approve my adsense application in this channel. Please share your knowledge and experiences.

Thank You
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    Provide a lot of Shareable content, so when people watch your videos they will want to Share it with their friends. Also Make Sure you have a CTA and let people know that watch your videos that you want them to Subscribe (make sure you let them know their is value in doing so)
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    You have to create quality content and don't quit.

    It takes a while until your videos become on the first page for your keywords. Once you are there though, your # of subscribers will go through the roof.

    Source: I have multiples youtube channel with a total subscribers of around 300 000 people
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    Adsense will come after you have the subscribers and traffic views. Know that there are probably many others who are trying to do what you're doing. How do you plan on standing out?
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    I think you should follow juniorlos advice. It can be useful for you.

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    You should publish more & more good videos by which one one may benefit. If one interest by your video, he will come your channel again & again by subscribing, Like & commenting. Thanks for your interest.
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    Quality content and likely some way of marketing to bring people to your channel
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    Call people to action: ask them to subscribe

    Also, make sure you give something of solid value like late breaking news or discount coupons so people are COMPELLED to subscribe to your channel
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    Try to create a fb page along with the channel. As long as u create engaging & top new products ... you would good from views perspective. You may get subs with jst that if the video is good enough. But ...
    If you can create unboxing, tech reviews, comparisons , how to use, tips & tricks on the tech products interns of usage ... you would see a good amount of subs coming back to your channel.

    Jst make sure that your videos stand out..

    Be wary of the locations you target. If you have got higher views in low payout countries, you wouldn't be able to earn much ... so target accordingly & also try to mix up affiliate marketing ....
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    Make sure you use keyword rich titles, tags and descriptions for your video and you channel. make you content interesting and ask them to share. There are tons of tips available for how to rank well... you can also pay to have real people view your site
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    Oh, I think, you should subscribe to Derral Eves, Nick Nimmin and other youtube gurus.
    But what I do like about your messages is that you started before you were ready.
    A lot of people, including me, come here and ask something like "I wanna start, I wanna make, what should I learn, why should I buy" and on and on.
    yttalk.com is a forum for youtubers like you.
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    If you are reviewing tech products why not give them away as a contest at the end of the video? Tell people that they need to like, comment and share and then you'll pick a winner at random after X amount of people do so.

    If you content is high quality and you combine it with a reason to share (i.e. contest) you have a winning combo.
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    Understand the it will take time. Give quality posts that are from you. Be yourself. Don't give up and Good Luck.
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    You should have a CTA (Call to Action) Before & After the video..

    May feel like YT whoring, but asking for that subscribe REALLY DOES MAKE PEOPLE SUBSCRIBE MORE!

    Keep asking people even in the description - Click Here to Subscribe

    It's all about subscribers.. then focus on engagement and insuring your videos (when released) are getting into YT users inboxes!
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