How to Record Live, Streaming Internet Video Using Camtasia Studio

by Jesus Perez 14 replies
If want to capture streaming movies, flv's or video on your computer, Camtasia Studio can do it. No need for extra hardware.

However, there are a few minor tweaks you need to make.

Step 1: When you've launched the recorder, select Tools > Options.

Step 2: Change the settings to the following:

Step 3: The rest of the settings should work fine. If you don't hear audio in your recording, then change the source in the "Audio" tab shown in Step 2.

This will allow you to capture smooth, live streaming video with a smaller file size.

I made the mistake of using Techsmith's codec and ended up with a 6.2gb file for only 15 minutes of video footage. AND...the audio became corrupt after the 9 min mark. Apparently it's a known issue. I'm not happy about this...but I would like to help others along the way.

So, if you're planning on recording anything live on the internet, these are the settings that meshed well for me.

As usual...and it goes without saying...make sure you have permission to record.

Xvid codecs can be obtained here:
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    Is this the codec you recommended in the other thread?


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      Sure is, John.

      Originally Posted by globalpro View Post


      Is this the codec you recommended in the other thread?



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    If you don't mind, where can I get the codec and how does it install?


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    Great Post!! Making videos directly off of your computer screen is an awesome way to help demonstrate your product. Keep um coming..
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    Thx Blue, was looking all over for this kind of information, I didn't even find an answer funny enough on the camtasia forum, and i was not the only one there with the same question.

    Oh and I'm new here glad to be here.
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    Blimey, you'd think they'd get that right. After all, it's the core functionality of the product. For a $300 product, I would expect it to work right from the word go for its basic function.

    I've used the free Camstudio in the past. It requires a bit of hacking around, but once you've done all that, it's quite good for video capture. You can then get other free tools like VirtualDub to do editing with. It's probably long-winded compared to Camtasia Studio, but it is an option.
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    Maybe I missed something here but if you are trying to record online video there are plugins for FF that will save what is playing on the page.

    I like to mess around with software programming.

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    you can also record audio using Macvide Audio Recorder.It's very quickly without any problems.
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    I can't get it to record the audio of the video, I have tried every audio setting including selecting the stereo mix option as a source, what am I doing wrong?
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      Figured it out.

      When you launch Camtasia Recorder, look for the microphone symbol.

      This should have a green tick sign indicating audio recording is on.

      Click on the drop down arrow beside themic.

      Ensure the "Do not record microphone" option is selected.

      Also ensure "record system audio" is selected, a tick mark will be beside this.

      This worked for me beautifully.
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    Yeah. Those technical details can make a big difference.
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    Camtasia is cool. So is Camstudio. I do believe Camtasia offers more features tho. Nice way to make live streaming video use Camtasia.
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    I know, it's a bummer to record a 2 hour seminar only to have your PC crash, OR to see that there's no audio. It's happened to me even though I've used the tool so many times.
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      I am using camstudio for quite some time now and maybe it time for me to try another software and I will definitely try this!


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