Effectiveness of Isnare's Article Distribution Service for article marketing?

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Has anyone tried Isnare's Article Distribution Service? The rates vary from $2/article to $0.83 per article in bulk, or $59.95/month unlimited.

If you have experience with this, what did you find in terms of effectiveness - whether that be increased traffic, increased backlinks, etc.? Does this service has real merit?
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    I'd like to hear some opinions on this too
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      I've been using them for ages and think it is worth it
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    I've been considering joining isnare recently, I think if you don't want to submit too many articles it's fine as they have a limit on submission. The cost of article distribution is pretty good too, around $2 per article on a certain plan. Would be good to hear what other warriors suggest.
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      Anyone know anything about how it compares in effectiveness (SEO, direct traffic) to other article distribution services (like a Unique Article Wizard or articlemarketer.com) or automated software?
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    I'm definitely far from an SEO expert, but I've used their services in the past (probably 3'ish years ago) and they did a great and timely job getting my articles out there.

    Solomon Huey
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    Has anyone found iSnare distribution to improve their SERPs positions?
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