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Hello graphic geniuses!

I need to cut an oval shape out of a photo and paste the photo into another program. How do I cut the oval out so that it has no background?

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    Hi Mike,

    Go to 'Elliptical Marquee Tool' (Right under the standard square select tool), select area from the photo and copy to the clipboard.


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      still works well in 2014, thanks!
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    Robert is correct in showing you the simplest way.

    But the part of your question that says, "so that it has no background" has me concerened.

    Do you want to take an oval shape out of an image, then remove the background around some object in the oval?

    To do that you need to use the pen tool and paths. A couple of the menus are hidden.

    Select the pen tool, carefully click all around the object you want, once you get all the way around, click on the first select point the pen tool made, and you will have a solid line around the object.

    But you can't just select that yet.

    Next you go to Window menu and select "Paths" and at the top right corner of the Paths palette drop down is an arrow. Click it and another drop down menu appears. Select "Save Path" on that menu and save to whatever name Photoshop wants to use.

    Next re-click that Paths palette arrow and select "Make Selection" from the dropdown menu. It will ask you how much feathering you want - make it zero or one, then click "Okay."

    At this point you will have crawling ants - a maquee selction. You can copy and paste you image anywhere.

    If you want to save this as a photo or graphic with a transparent background, make a new blank image (File - New) choose transparent background, past your copied image into this transparent new photo and save as a transparent .GIF.

    The process is not difficult once you see it done. Trying to do the process from written directions is a PITA.

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    Way to much explaining:

    Simple hold left mouse button over the lasso tool and select magnet lasso. If the difference from one color (the object) and the other (background) is in good contrast you can select it like that. When you start selecting you can always undo with backspace

    Hope it helps
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    "How do I cut the oval out so that it has no background?"

    I like simple robs way is how I would do it, but the no background has me thinking you mean no background 1. you don't want the the images behind the image in the oval? 2. Or you want the new oval to have no background?

    1. I would still cut it out like rob said then blow it up make it larger with the magnafineglass and get rid of any thing you don't want then copy/paste that to its new location.

    2. same as rob cut it out then create a new image with a transparent background.

    hope that helps solve something

    Richard Dean
    God Father Of Photo Shop Actions

    5 Minute Mobile Sites... My Next WSO Comming Soon.

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      Yep, I had the shape all cut out with the oval marquee and pasted it into a new PS document with a transparent background but when I go to use it in the other program (Roxio DVD Case Label Maker), it shows a white background.

      Maybe that's a hint that I should hunt down a DVD case template for Photoshop and stick with the big boy toys!
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    Ok, got it. The trick is to save it as a .gif (thanks Don). That's the only format that the DVD program will allow transparent backgrounds for some reason.

    The oval marquee was the ticket for cutting it out.

    Thanks everyone.

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      Hi Mike...

      there are only two filetypes that allow transparency....

      GIF and PNG.

      Kindest regars,
      eCoverNinja - Sales Page Graphics & Layout Specialist
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    How does one; i.e., a person, say thank you so loud it rings through cyber space?

    SpicyRobby, I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate your simple - and correct, as far as I'm concerned - answer.

    I cannot believe I forgot something so very simple with the marquee tool. But I cannot begin to state the level of frustration at my google searches - before finally hitting on this website - that had one COMPLICATED answer after another.

    Yes, it's August 18, 2011. And this thread is over 3 years old. And I cannot thank you enough for being able to read what the person wrote - answer the question by putting yourself in the place of a newbie asking a simple question.

    I truly wanted to scream with all the complicated answers on a google search - answers that didn't work!

    I became a member JUST to thank you.

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    Photoshop can work wonders but I know very little and for your type of problem I'd rather use plain old MS paint and use the free from selection tool to cut out the shape. I know its not even close to photoshop, but thats the only thing I know and when I need something big I go to fiverr.
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