Clickbank registration failed

by deprox 6 replies
Did you try to register click bank accounts in the past weeks?

I could not complete the registration process as it stops showing this message ---> "Your account is under review".....

It should not be like this. Clickbank registration is straightforward. There's nothing wrong as i tried to register from Canada, but to be sure i tried to select a different country and got the same result.

I noticed many people having this issue lately but no one has any solution and the click bank's support does not answer about that problem.

Do you have any advice ?

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    You should just contact them directly - Support | ClickBank
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    i have a same issue i tried so many times but account is not created ..
    and contact support but doesn't get proper solution kindly guide us the right way to clickbank support.

    plz tell us how we can create successfull clickbank account..
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    This is not the clickbank help desk - members here can't fix clickbank problems for you.

    i tried to register from Canada
    I always wonder when someone says "I tried another country"...are you IN Canada...or was that the first country you tried?

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    My friend has the same issue with clickbank.
    it says,
    Unfortunately, we cannot offer you an acount this time. Regrettably, we are unable to make any exceptions.
    when he tries to register.
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    same issue here.. what is going on? I know a guy who was able to register from New York but it doesn't seem to work from Canada..

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    I can not get through "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions.", despite the fact that I red the Client Contract
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