How to upload tar.gz files

by Tina M. Rideout 5 replies
Hey all,

This may seem like a silly question, but I have never uploaded a tar.gz file.

I just purchased a product and the only option for opening the file is in this format.

I cannot get it open. "Duh"

How do I get it unzipped? Do I need to purchase a different Compressed Folder software?


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    It is a Unix/Linux archive format and generally created to keep the permissions and directory structure in tact. More than likely you need to upload it to your host and than extract it there.

    Usually author of the file will provide instructions - if not - use Winzip, mine seem to understand and be able to Untar the archives. Winrar is second option you can try for free.
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      A great free product for all zip files without all the advertising that you get with winzip is 7zip and its free for the full version.


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        Just uploaded the free trial for WinZip.

        Now that I have it loaded to my cpanel.

        I get this message.
        The file /index.php has been encoded with the ionCube PHP Encoder and requires the free ionCube PHP Loader to be installed.

        I went to the loader page but don't know which one to choose.

        Any suggestions?

        Thanks Tina
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          Looks like the file you have is a PHP code that is protected via ionCube. It requires that your hosting company supports it - it has to be compiled into the PHP. You need to contact your host support and ask them if ionCube is supported and if they can activate it for you. More than likely - if its not available, you are either left with script that will not work on your host or search for a host that supports ionCube
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            I use a program called PeaZip to open the files on my computer, but
            they certainly are a pain in the neck. At least when my log files are
            opened, all the lines do not begin with the ip like they normally do.
            Apparently windows uses a different end line character than unix and
            that is the problem but is one of my slightly lower priorities to sort that
            out and haven't found the solution yet. Would anyone reading this
            thread know a solution?

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