What is your experience with Click Funnels and other Membership Site Creation?

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Hello all

I wanted to create a post regarding landing pages, membership sites and autoresponders.

I am fairly new to the internet marketing world and have been in and out of it for over 2 years with little to no success.

Anyway enough about that.. The whole reason I'm posting is to ask you all about your experience with Click Funnels. (Feel free to rant as you wish about your experience it is greatly appreciated)

I am about to create a membership site and I am stumped on whether or not to go with Click Funnels or perhaps maybe just going with another site all together.

Here is why...

Click funnels tries to make it easy but I have found that their support is lacking, there is little to no videos on their software that clearly explains how to use it and their updates apparently are far and few between. Also I have been told that their software is very cookie cutterish... And all I have been seeing is promo after promo.. I just want the real deal...

Here are a few sites I am considering to build my membership site:

- Wild Apricot
- Easy memberpro
- Membergate
- SlackPass

I would just like some genuine advice on what direction I should take because as good as Click Funnels seems.. I don't think I'll be going with them long-term.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to help me. Thanking all in advance.


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    CF is good if you want to get up and running quickly but it's limited.

    I've tried pretty much every membership platform and settled on Digital Access Pass... it's ugly, it's horrible to use, it's difficult to learn..

    ..but its still the best one around, has the most features and the support is amazing.

    I've combined that with Thrive Leads to create squeeze pages.

    Here's how I do things:

    Squeeze page (Thrive Leads) > Autoresponder (Active Campaign) > OTO Sales Page (Thrive Leads) > Continuity program (DAP)
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      Hi Michael. I'm using DAP as well. I am thinking of getting the Thrive membership for the full suite. How do you like the DAP/Thrive combo so far?
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        Originally Posted by jml777 View Post

        Hi Michael. I'm using DAP as well. I am thinking of getting the Thrive membership for the full suite. How do you like the DAP/Thrive combo so far?
        I've actually jumped to Teachable for the moment, because while DAP is awesome and I love it, it does take ages setting it up on new sites - and it's conflicting with my theme and other essential plugins.

        In my case, it's not right for me at the moment. I hope to return to it in the future, but today Teachable does everything I need, quickly.
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    I use Membergate and, for my purposes, it is wonderful. There is a learning curve to mastering the software, but most of that is in setting up the initial site. Once that is done and you get rolling, doing the daily execution of your business becomes second nature. The MG support is outstanding and they have folks that will do the set up for you.

    I believe MG is the most robust and comprehensive content management system of the group. You don't have to "bolt other apps or software to it" because most everything you would want is handled right in the software ... like both private and public areas of content, podcasting, blogging, automatic member signup, multiple different membership levels, automatic billing and renewals, real time CC processing, built-in audio and video players, unlimited video galleries, multiple discussion groups based on member interests, built in forum, affiliate program, shopping cart, digital product delivery, classified ads, banners, surveys, calendars, RSS syndication, site-wide search, all kinds of admin reports and daily page stats are kept, content scheduling and automatic archiving, many tutorials and helps ... and probably a lot more that I am forgetting.

    When I was choosing a platform, it was important to me to have a comprehensive yet flexible all-in-one solution so I didn't have to worry about "adding" a separate affiliate program, separate landing pages, separate shopping cart, separate forum, separate product delivery, etc.

    MG is not the cheapest solution you will find, but for me, it has saved time and money (and my sanity) instead of having to get lots of varying 3rd party products together and have them work harmoniously at the same time.

    The best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      Steve thank you for taking the time out to send me this. It is extremely helpful and has cut my search time in half.

      I am creating a community and would like to have as many options as I can so that I can serve them to the best of my ability. This sounds perfect. Thanks again!
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      Originally Posted by Steve B View Post

      I use Membergate and, for my purposes, it is wonderful.
      It's good, but I don't think it's great for affiliates?

      I remember looking at this and know it has its own internal affiliate program but that's not acceptable for most marketers.. does it integrate with third party platforms?

      Maybe that's changed.
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    Here's what I use and recommend....

    Squeeze pages and sales pages... Instabuilder

    Membership software.... Membersonic

    Autoresponder... TrafficWave
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    Hi Monica - each platform has its quirks so you really should pick 2-3 and give them a try (walk through setup of your main content elements which hopefully you have planned out in advance)

    Like Steve - my main membership sites are on Membergate. Really are the most complete platform, as he mentions, it takes some getting used to (understanding Categories, Departments, Content, etc...) - but when you get it there is very little you cannot do with the platform. It is, however, on the higher-end of the price curve...not a problem if you are committed to running your membership site over a year+ and not just looking for a membership front-end to deliver a course.

    Otherwise, I have also built membership sites with Wordpress plugins and Blog themes like OptimizePress - which as I point out above, are fine if you have designed a course or series of lessons that you want to deliver via membership front-end.

    It helps if you are clear on what your content plan will be for your membership site, if you will also sell/deliver products via the site, if you want an integrated community/discussion forum, etc... This will help you assess the different options.

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    Thanks everyone. I will look into all your suggestions.

    I just realized I should have posted this in the reviews section.
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    Hi Monica!

    I used funnel builder like Clickfunnels and site suite and I totally agree with you that Clickfunnels support is not that efficient though Clickfunnels is so friendly to use where you can easily create a landing page in less than 10 minutes and create a website and design it as you want. Maybe you may want to check this blog post on the steps by step how I do it here.

    Now, if you want to create a membership, Clickfunnels has limited no. of pages and if you are using their basic account of $97/month, then you need to upgrade your account. If you have limited monthly budget, then you may want to try the "Paid Membership Pro" a free wordpress plug-in. I've created a step by step video on how to install this for free.

    Hope this help!

    All the best,
    jeng cua

    Start Your Breakthrough Journey. Design Your Future!

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      I set up The Digi Warrior IM Academy using Easy Member Pro and I am far from techy. It seems solid enough but I have little experience with other platforms although I did use DAP a couple of years ago and found that a headache to set up. I did like the drip fed content that you could set up with it though.

      Become a Digi Warrior and join us in the successful Dig Warrior IM Academy
      Join us at www.digiwarrior.com

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      Hi Jeng thanks for the reply. I saw your youtube video on how to integrate a new domain in Click Funnels.I found your video helpful. Simple and to the point.

      I was wondering if you have any articles on how to set up an email list to connect to an optin page through actionetics. If you have a link on your site that teaches how to set up email actionetics for the first time to an optin that would be great. I still want to give CF a chance.
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      I finally got the training videos for Click Funnels. I will look on your youtube channel and website for more. Thank you!!!
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    Nothing compares to OptimizePress.

    You get a plug-in, a theme, and membership software. Plus a bunch of other downloads.

    The set-up is so much easier than all the others mentioned here and it integrates with all the best third-party software.

    Not to mention it's a one-time cost.

    Also, if you're an affiliate marketer, a lot of vendors are now offering OP bonus pages. All you do is upload the zip customize with your information and you're ready to go.

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    I love Clickfunnels to use them and make solid income too
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