How To Drive 1000 Traffic Per Day To Your Site?

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If you have something to sell online, you need to drive traffic to your website. Every business owners what they€™d like most is traffic and more traffic for people to see their product or services, but how to drive 1000 traffic per day to your site?

In this post, we€™re going to take a look at how you can increase your website traffic to 1000 per day or more.

We€™re going to look at some techniques and traffic sources that you can put into place right away to boost your website visitor.

Ideas How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Facebook Boost Post
You don€™t need to pay to boost all your post on Facebook you just need to choose the best ones. So, if you are on a tight budget, you can try this method €“ boost post on Facebook.Each paid advertising platform has its pros and cons, so know your objectives carefully before you spend any dime to start driving traffic to your site. What is your goals? Do you just want more traffic to visit your site or are you looking to increase your opt-in conversions or sales too?

Budget: You can start at $5.00/day. Run your ad at least from 3-5 days to see your cost per click.

Social Media
€œHope marketing€ will NOT lead to any business success. It€™s not enough to create great content and hoping that people will find it. Use different social media channels to promote your content €“ this is one of the best ways to increase your website traffic.
€“ Twiiter
€“ Linked-in
€“ Google +
€“ Pinterest
€“ Instagram

You need to actively participate in the forum community. Join forum discussions that is relevant to your niche. When leaving a comment, make sure that you are adding something worthwhile to the discussion.Type the keyword of your niche to Google search engine, then add the word €œforums€.

Ex. If let say your niche is €œhow to play guitar€. When you go to Google Search Engine you will type €œhow to play guitar forums€ €“ You€™ll see different forums related to your niche.

Join 2-3 forums and be active to contribute to this forums.

Rebrandable Traffic

Rebrandable Traffic is a state of the art system for distributing Internet traffic from different sources from around the world to your websites. These traffic are filtered, and sent to your website on a credit basis.

How Does Rebrandable Traffic Works?

RT receives traffic from a multitude of websites. As the website traffic comes in, it is rebranded and matched up with a customer based on traffic types and keywords defined in their settings. The rebranded traffic is then sent to the customers website as set in the settings of that job.

Bottom line, monitor your ad spending and see if you are getting your goals €“ opt-in conversation, engagement, page likes, or sales.

You need to know your objective first and you must have your sales funnel properly in placed.

This is absolutely easy & doable if you don€™t complicate things. Put effort, dedication and hard work to create your little breakthroughs each day. The online technology & internet has revolutionize the way people build their business from home.

All the best!
jeng cua
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  • Profile picture of the author Julio
    Thank you for sharing.

    I'm a big fan of forums so that's my #1 pick. The new thing that I am doing is facebook & twitter to get traffic. I haven't tried rebrandable traffic yet so I need to look into that method more.
    Signature Marketplace!
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  • Profile picture of the author Gary Chapple
    Love the idea of RT, think I need to give that some serious consideration
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    • Profile picture of the author jeng cua
      HI Gary!

      But you need to remember that traffic are not created equal. It depends on how your sales funnel was structure.

      In any event, It's nice to have a different source of traffic to test whats working best for you to convert.

      Talk to you soon,
      jeng cua

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    • Profile picture of the author Brent Stangel
      Originally Posted by Gary Chapple View Post

      Love the idea of RT, think I need to give that some serious consideration
      You should give it a very small test.

      You will find it to be mostly redirects from expired domains.

      Ultra low quality traffic that they can't monetize any other way.

      Be very cautious.
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      All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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    Don't forget FREE traffic like FB comment plugin traffic, forums, FB groups, Pinterest, and Twitter.
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    i really like facebook. if u do it correctly, u can reach $0.0004 per page like... it's really cost efficient
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    Fantastic advice. Thanks. Will look at these and see how I can use them.
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  • Profile picture of the author MortonHill
    Fantastic advice. Thanks. Will look at these and see how I can use them.
    Thank you for the useful advice. I will definitely look into it and see how I can use it.
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  • Profile picture of the author jthom804
    Great ideas. I especially like the forum part.
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    Good repost of some good content..
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