What if you have 30K followers on twitter?

by jkiley
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I am planning to outsource my twitter account maintenance, and the target is to get 30K followers (or even more - why stop?). Of course all those people will not be in the same niche.

My question is, does it worth? will I be able to monitize? At this point, twitter looks garbage to me. I login to my other account and see random messages from random people. It seems like each person is just sending 1000 messages a day...all useless. I don't even see the point of all this...but just want to give it a try.
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    If your target is 30,000 or more followers you are just going to get a lot of Twitter spammers and when used in this way, Twitter is useless. I would concentrate on networking and developing relationships that could benefit you more in the long run than thousands of Twitter spammers following you. You can Tweet til your blue in the face and I haven't seen anyone making real money doing this.
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    A year ago Twitter was great for marketing. Nowadays it's a complete waste of time.
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    1. get a viral tweet script.

    2. get a re-branable report to give away as a freedie / bribe

    or write one yourself.

    tweet it once a day - along with a few other updates

    see what happens.

    re-tweets are powerful - it comes down to a personal recommendation - which, statistically, is more than twice as powerful as a recommendation from an unknown entity
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    You cannot automate the twitter following process and still get targeted followers. In order to get targeted followers, you need to do it manually. And when you do it manually, getting to 30,000 will take a long time unless you are already famous.

    Instead of just following everyone:

    1. Provide value
    2. Follow those who are proper twitter users
    3. Create a video and use it to increase followers
    4. Have a link to your twitter profile in forum sig
    5. Use your blog to promote your twitter account
    6. Write a guest post in a famous blog and link your twitter profile in the bio
    7. Use twitter search and answer some questions
    8. RT more often
    9. Talk to people (@)
    10. Continue providing value
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    I don't see much point in wasting time and money on twitter today, maybe three months ago; get a very targeted following; I recommend other avenues like linked in and youtube
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      Originally Posted by traffictipsnow View Post

      I don't see much point in wasting time and money on twitter today, maybe three months ago; get a very targeted following; I recommend other avenues like linked in and youtube
      Funny that your sig is promoting a "get 10k followers on autopilot" tool.


      I have several accounts with over 30k followers, here's what I've found:

      No particular number of followers equates to any amount of revenue. You could have 250k followers and make nothing, or have 200 and make money.

      Twitter is excellent when used properly and with the focus on relationships. Anyone who says it's no longer useful is talking out of their lack of success, not the reality of Twitter. The spamming side of it works worse than it used to, but that's a good thing.

      If you decide to just automate the building of your followers - you can expect poor results regardless of the number, so even if you did make some money, it's probably barely going to cover the time it took.

      Most people promoting auto-following tools do it to make money not because it worked for them to make them money.


      nothing to see here.

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    The best tactic period, is to post quality, controversial, you have it?, posts with 25 characters or greater left. The ReTweets alone add loads of followers.

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