Adsense Approval - Does Google care about the domain name?

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Straight to the post -> Say, you submit your site for adsense approval. You've made sure everything is set up nicely. But, your domain name is a bit icky. It's called and it's in a health niche. Does it affect your chances?
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    No, It does not impact your adsense approval. The only thing Google looks in to your site is unique and quality content.
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    It would if there is any type of copyright violation such as using a brand name, other than that, they will be looking for unique content


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    As long as you don't promote shady content, you'll be good.
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    doesn't matter what is your domain name, just make sure you have your own original content and don't put any banner of some other like adsense. create first more than 20 post, and make sure your site is 6 months old and you can apply for adsense.
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