Top lead generation resources for digital agencies?

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What are your top blogs, books, and other references for digital agencies?

Say you're a marketing, SEO, or web design agency. Where do you usually go to learn the best tips for acquiring clients?
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    Originally Posted by allancaeg View Post

    What are your top blogs, books, and other references for digital agencies?

    Say you're a marketing, SEO, or web design agency. Where do you usually go to learn the best tips for acquiring clients?
    Your question is a bit multi-faceted in that it asks for "references" and also asks for "where to learn the best tips for acquiring clients"

    Usually the best clients are business owners.

    Often the easiest one's to convert already have a website or have paid for advertising etc.

    They understand the costs involved and the necessity to improve.

    Clients who don't already use any agency services are harder to convert because you've got to go through the whole education phase.

    The best advice might be to purchase accurate contact details of the ideal prospects you require.

    There are companies who specialise in delivering you the prospects you seek.

    Companies like Nextmark and Axciom.

    If you know who you are looking for they can deliver the data you want in order to start a conversation.

    Things like Facebook and the other social networks can be trickier to get a lower acquisition cost when it comes to business clients. You might find they can deliver some traffic but the work to get them to convert is where the real cost is.

    Acquiring clients is easier when you can approach prospects where they gather and start to talk to them.

    What you determine are good gathering places will be different than what I might think.

    Once you figure out what your prospect might want and where they might be it gets easier to put the thing they might want in front of them

    If you can pre-educate them and build some sort of authority before they either contact you or you contact them your results will be better.

    Best regards,

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    I don't go looking for "tips" on blogs. I find testing things out for myself and talking to people always works best when deciding where to allocate ad spend.
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    I have been using amazing with full training etc...
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    For the moment I wouldn't worry too much about clients, and just go for client.

    One of the biggest mistakes I made early on was going for too many clients when I didn't have the systems or the experience to really nail the brief. In the end I pulled back, focused on just a couple of core clients until I got good results for them, then started the process of growing again.

    Ultimately, the best source of business for me has been referrals, and you only get them when you absolutely kill it for an earlier client.

    So that's my advice.. do whatever you can to get one client, work like crazy for as long as it takes to get them a killer result, and trust me, the referrals will come.

    PS: If you're anything like I was at the beginning of my agency, right now you need as many clients as you can get, but I found that was the wrong way to play it.. instead grab a part time job so you can get by, and put all of your energies into really nailing that first client you get.

    Best of luck, and I hope you crush it.
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      I cannot agree more with you, johndetlefs. When people are happy, they bring their friends and so on. Concentrating on one client at a time is a great advice. When I started out I actually got many wrong tips about acquiring clients, so I started making my own research, took a couple of courses that were made by people who actually work in this, etc. There are many ways to find high quality clients - first you have to figure out who is your ideal client. Then - try and think - where can it be - can you find it in forums? in the local city center, nearby you? on Facebook? One great advice is to pick a niche (such as graphic designs for restaurants), and focus on it. Find out where are the business owners of this niche, reach them, sell your services to the first few, and go on from there.
      I wish you good luck with it!
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    I get a lot of useful information from Warriorforum and Digital Point
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    Highly recommend DigitalMarketer run by Ryan Deiss. The gold standard in my opinion.
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