Ways to search multiple forums at once for keywords relating to my business?

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If you're just starting out and doing some posting in forums whenever people have problems finding something that your business supplies, how do you monitor posts without getting bogged down in all the other stuff happening?

What do you guys use to search multiple forums for specific keywords or threads that you can comment on later if you like?
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    CHOOSE what topic to follow in every forums

    Dont get mess in softwares which promise you to post xxx numbers of things in forums etc, or manage them: you have a good chance to get banned.

    Forums are for real people who interact with them one by one, not to have 1000 forums to manage.

    You have to establish partnership, to talk with people.

    It's time consuming but it worth
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      Not looking for bots or automatic posting. Just looking to get alerted to the threads that apply to my niche.
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    Google search:
    • inurl:"forum" "i need help" "mortgage"
    • inurl:"forum" "how can i" "mortgage"
    • inurl:"forum" "where do i" "mortgage"
    • etc...
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      Thanks. I wasn't sure if Google was fast enough. I figured people used something with notifications that would alert you so that you could comment before the thread got old, but maybe that's not a thing someone's built?
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      Do other browsers work for this?
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    Setup google alerts on specific topics, keywords and you will receive emails once new articles are posted daily.
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      How much do Google Alerts cost? Free?
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    Hey everyone, thanks for all the suggestions. With some better Googling I've also come across a few articles that could be helpful. I guess a better term was "Social Media Monitoring Tools."

    Newer articles: https://blog.hootsuite.com/social-me...itoring-tools/

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    I use and recommend Buzzbundle.
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    It's about quality not quantity. Establish relationships with a few and once they are moving forward, think about adding a few more. Be careful though otherwise you end up getting bogged down with answering loads of emails.
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    Google alerts are free, they're just not always instant, so you might miss a thread or comment and the thread could be hours old by time you get there.
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