Membership Site: If I have a forum is a monthly Q&A webinar still needed?

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If I have a forum for my membership site would I still need a monthly Q&A webinar?

I am more of the understanding that it would be one or the other.

If you had to pick one which would you prefer?
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    What's good about having a forum is that unlike webinar, people can answer each other, so you don't have to answer each one specifically, and also the knowledge is always there, people can search and many times get immediate answers.
    However, I know a few membership programs that are both doing webinars with updates and tutorials and some Q&A, and in addition have Facebook group/forum.
    That way your customers get the best support there possibly is.
    If I had to choose I would definitely go for a forum, though.
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    I would stick with still continuing a webinar, even with a forum. People can answer each others questions, but they still want to hear it from who they are giving the money to also. There is memberships that do both, simply because there's plenty of free forums like this one where people answer each other
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    If I had to choose I would also go with a forum. As mentioned previously, a forum is more for the members to communicate, share ideas, fail/success stories etc. On the other hand, webinars (or other face-to-face/audio solutions) build rapport and trust with the seller. That really pays off when difficulties or doubts occur on the customer part.
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    The warrior forum used to hold webinars called WAMA (warrior ask me anything) some of them were pretty good. If you could do this type of webinar where you find different experienced individuals in your niche you could do a presentation with follow up q&a

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    Another good thing about holding the monthly webinars is you get to record the Q&A calls and possibly combine questions from different calls and use it as a premium to get people into membership or even use it as a lead magnet to build your list of prospects.
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    Why limit yourself? To me the more you put yourself out there, the better off you typically are.
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