Can't get upset when they unsubscribe like this

by Jill Carpenter 7 replies
Here is someone who unsubscribed from my list.

Honestly, this is the type of person I wish had stuck around, but I'm happy they seem to have found their way.

Here was the reason I got for them canceling.

The information you provided was greatly appreciated. But it has also helped me see that online marketing is not my niche. I am going to focus on opening a bowling pro shop, then maybe I can incorporate some of these ideas with that when the time comes.

Thanks again,"

I sent the guy well wishes. He took the time to write why and that is just so nice.

How can I be upset? I just can't.
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    At least it meant you had done your job properly in giving them all the info they needed to make that decision.

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    Many people are torn between Internet marketing and opening a bowling pro shop.
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      Originally Posted by Chris Lockwood View Post

      Many people are torn between Internet marketing and opening a bowling pro shop.
      LOL>... I wrestled with a similar problem for a long time... until I finally realised that you just can't sell bowling pro's anymore... the market is on it's arse... they're all too old or too fat to get any good returns on your investment..

      Just last week I agreed to sell John Jowdy at a loss, purely because he was taking up too much space in my closet..




      Bare Murkage.........

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        He made me want to go bowling! Maybe I should go into the bowling niche.

        Sleaklight, When they get the freebie do you hint around that there is even more to come?

        I have a really good rate on confirms and people who stay. I tell my subscribers upfront that there is more to come and I promise it won't be every day. I egg them on to email me personally right in the first letter if they want to see an additional video. I also gently remind them there is the unsubscribe at the bottom of every letter so they will never feel trapped like the option is only there on the first one. I also really over deliver (I feel the blood draining from my body) and I think they really KNOW I'm not talking smack.

        I was afraid at first to offer the immediate contact, but it really works and not everyone actually emails me - which was my initial fear.

        "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    That's a nice unsubscribe message.
    However, on my website I get people who sign up to the newsletter just to get the freebie after sign up and unsubscribe 30 seconds later.
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    If you made someone think enough to make a decision based on what was right for them, and they were comfortable telling you about it, you're doing something Very Right. Congrats on that.

    Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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      Hmmmm...this is much better than my last one.

      In a flurry of happiness the other day (no doubt brought on by a pending holiday) I decided to really ramp up some bonus items I was giving away when folk purchased affiliate products through my site.

      So I wrote several emails to the purchasers personally (all of whom had requested the bonus items) and basically said 'hey, here's a bunch of other cool stuff just for the heck of it'. Now, the bonus items weren't crap, it was pretty sweet stuff.

      Of the 7 I sent that day, I got 6 'wow, thanks heaps, really good of you, didn't expect it' type emails. Made me feel great. The last one...


      That was it. No email body, no nuthen. Always nice to get screamed at over email. I decided she was too stoopid to write to and explain she wasn't on a list, I'd just given her $130 of gear for free as a way to be nice.

      Yay for the bowling guy.
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