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Hey guys, pros and gurus

I really need your help to get started with internet marketing.

I am pretty new to this and basically don't know much, not using social networks etc.

I'd like to start doing an affiliate marketing at clicksure for example but have no idea how/where to market. I am not chasing huge income but rather a small steady income from this. Ready to spend 4 hours a day.

I'd be really happy if you cold show me the right way to get started.

The forum is huge and I am struggling to find/understand what exactly I should be looking for.

Thank you all in advance !!!
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    get a free membership at Also make sure you get their free reports.

    go to and learn about niche research.

    Go to and at the bottom under "Support Center" click on their video guides. where you can learn the basics of email marketing as well as setting up campaigns in aweber.


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    I agree with agmccall... learn the basics and focus on building a list first. If you get into affilorama, that's what Mark teaches. Build a list, deliver valuable content, and make them relevant offers as an affiliate.
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    Yeah, I agree. The provided links and advice are great sources to get started. Good luck!
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    Hi There,

    Take a look at some excellent training by Kevin Fahey, that is designed to give you the best training and support for learning IM from a beginners point of view. It's called...

    "IM Newbie 30 Part Video Training Series"

    and is available on warrior+ here.

    hope this helps

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      this is good advice, Fahey's stuff is easy to understand- also video marketing can be done with no list to start with if you can rank them (which is still easier than websites or blogs as long as you use a good longtail keyword)
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    Everyone is going to tell you that after you learn the basics you should build an email list.

    And, you should.

    But, you won't because no one ever does until they try all sorts of other stuff that doesn't work.
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      You never know if the grass is greener on the other side!
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    Also, if you're looking to start a blog at no cost, use Blogger.
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    Find your self a mentor. Pick one you can relate to. Many of these mentors are not expensive but good. Don't go with a expensive one. IF you try one and you don't seem to work together well, try another one. Sooner or later you will find a good one. I have found a couple good ones. Just have to decide on one and work with that person. I am told all the time, just to work with one mentor at a time as you would only work one product.
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      Can you advise on good mentors?
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        Originally Posted by Ratamok View Post

        Can you advise on good mentors?
        Learn the basics first, then if you need advanced help you might look into hiring a specialist.
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    Try your best to avoid "shiny object syndrome". There are lots of products out there. Some will be good for you, some will be bad. If you're buying multiple products a week, then it probably means you're not fully using each one and are just trying to find a magic button (which doesn't exist). I was doing this for awhile until I decided to unsubscribe to almost every list. I'm a lot more focused now!
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    Wow ! 4 hours a day is a great commitment, good luck and don't give up. Sounds like you're ready to go.
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    I think Chris Nunez gave you the best feedback. The temptation to buy every and any new product about how to get started in internet marketing is HUGE.

    If you can just focus on one thing and drown out all other noise until you get through it, you will do better than many who have gone before you.

    It's a jungle out there...stay safe and be very cautious when asked to part with your cash.
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    Find a pre-made system that works. I'm looking into that very thing myself. Don't reinvent the wheel. This path is worn, just look for the tracks.
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    I think Andrew had the best advice, find a duplicateable system and plugin. And the get a mentor stuff is super smart. It helps you make sure you are heading down the right path and keeps you accountable.
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      Do you have any suggestions for a duplicatable system?
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    The system really depends on what you want to do... there are systems for MLM, email marketing, solo ads, cpa etc... so you have to pick a business model and then find leaders in your area
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    Try to learn from the experience of big name marketers and get a system from them which you can copy. You can then develop it with the help of your mentor/guide and learn what works and what doesn't. Good luck!
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    All good advice. Especially getting a mentor/coach. They will keep you on the right track.
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    Good advice on here, gonna check out those sites
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    Best thing I can tell you right out of the gate, is do NOT fall for all the sales emails
    you are getting in your email box promising you $100 a day and more!

    You will waste Months of productivity besides all the money you will have wasted!

    Learn the basics
    ......then "BUILD THAT LIST!"

    You will learn about all the Affiliate Programs that most people use as you move along,
    but list building should be priority.

    Okay, that is my 2 cents!

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    Affiliate marketing is best to be done with a full-time agenda..

    If you want steady income, I suggest collecting emails and performing email marketing to promote your affiliate offers. That will insure you can market to your buyers over and over again without concern for buying/getting new traffic.
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