Made $106,000 in 2 weeks

by Jason Hammock 121 replies
I just started not long ago and needed tons of help learning amazon. Contacted a few guys who claimed to be able to train me...eventually found a good one. So i learned as much as i could and he guided me. Ended up getting a return of $106,000 in first 2 weeks, with only $35k invested. Selling only one item, a board game called Speak Out. Now im addicted. I feel like those guys who gamble all the time. I source from Yiwu City, China. But now im wanting to go even bigger.

So my plan is to put the original $35K back in the bank. Take the remaining $71,000 [profit] and sink it back into amazon. Im only about a month in on doing amazon so far. But is my success luck? random chance? or is it pretty solid? My source gets me pretty much any TOP selling amazon item i want at super low price. So my strategy has been looking at amazon for whats hot, order whatever i want, flip it like i did with Speak Out. This seems too easy. im afraid its a fluke though and i lose my $71K profit. Guy is helping me out through his website but i figured it would be best to venture out and ask around myself as well.

Any tips or ideas? What should i do? I want to do it again so bad but afraid it doesnt work this time. The guy swore to me it will work again. So i went on his site and was about to place second order of as many Speak Outs as i could....then hesitated and landed here. lol.

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    If you invested $35k - and within 2 weeks had an ROI of $106k - seems to me you'd be listening to the person who taught you in the first place. There's an old US saying that applies here - "Dance with the guy who brung ya".

    If you are new - why would you 'reinvest' ALL of your profit? Pull out the original $35k and $21k more (profit) - and buy again with the remaining $50k. So what if it doesn't work as well this time? You'd still be in profit. Remember you have to pay taxes on that income.

    This might have been a fluke - or you might be on to something. Run with it.

    Saving one dog may not change the world - but forever changes the world of one dog.

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      Oh im sticking with this guy for sure. But as they say, never put all your eggs into one basket. Was scared it was all a scam etc. Nervous. I dont mind sharing my source....He helps many people. But i dont want to just take one persons word. it worked first round....but its still on me to invest again in same product or diff one.
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      I agree with your idea. I would pull the $35k and maybe $21k more and buy again with the $50k.
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      I Second That ....

      High Risk = High Profit ...

      So take out your money then a ($21k)Profit too ... and then reinvest the rest ...

      But I m little bit curious About that person, if he can make that much money in just 2 weeks ... why dont he do that for himself alone ..... and be a millionaire in no Time....
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    Why not just go to Alibaba and buy the products yourself and have them shipped to Amazon by doing FBA? What is your cost compared to Alibaba...see link below to see their cost

    This way you do not risk getting burned by "some guy"... the only risk you have is they stop selling.

    Seems like this guy is too good to be true.....but you never know, some people are actually decent in this world yet.
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      True. But we compared pricing from alibaba already. he beat them so i went with him. All went smoothly first round. Ive met with him in person and he seems to be a legit guy.
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      Oh and a little back story on him. Long story short, he is friends with ceo of hasbro. Whom he meets with regularly. He often flies to china as well in YiWu City. Where his sources are. Hes using his friends offer to get him low wholesale pricing, and then being the middle man for others like me. Which is the whole point of his website.
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    Wow, that's impressive, hopefully that will continue for you.
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    If you made $106,000.00 selling this game. Based on the pricing at amazon I would imagine if you sourced correctly you should have made about $7.00 per game selling it around $14.00 to $16.00. That means you sold over 15,000 games in 2 weeks??? There are a lot of sellers of this game and many fulfilled by amazon at the &12.00 and a lot of competition with games like "Words against Humanity" Would you mind telling us what you spend the 35k on.


    Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art. ~Andy Warhol~

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      First, i must clarify something. When i sold Speak Out, it was months ago. I didnt mean that i JUST signed up with guy. i meant ive worked with his help. This was around november of 2016. I was selling about 6000 per day for those 2 weeks. Price was about 29 to 34 dollars per game. Now, today, its dropped massively. But so has the source price. So it still balances out even though speak out is selling cheaper. I ended up renting a booth at my local mall during this time. The mall allowed me to sell speak out only because no store in the mall had any. Everywhere was selling out. But, my source kept me loaded. I was monitoring my amazon sales while at that mall booth. People kept saying they seen the game on tv show Ellen. where celebs was playing it with her. Sooooo, i hooked up a 55 inch tv and replayed that episode over and over. People would stop and watch...then buy it. Laughing their butts off. Every day i would bring some in. sell out. On amazon, i never see those. It goes straight from my source to amazon FBA. I only sent SOME to me directly to setup at the mall. Which sold...but was useless as it wasnt needed and amazon sales where good. So i shouldnt have setup booth lol.
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    Dang...that's lightning in a bottle. i would trust my source and reinvest a portion to keep building. Awesome return!
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      I would love to see $100k turn into $350k know what i mean? lol
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    I know what you mean - and you have already seen the possibility....but don't start dreaming too far ahead. Pricing has changed on the product - more competing sellers perhaps - or perhaps the money is still there as lower prices may appeal to a different demographic.

    This was around november of 2016.
    The domain/site of the person you worked with didn't exist until August - 2-3 months before you worked with him. That's not important AS LONG AS everything is the same now as it was then.

    he is friends with ceo of hasbro. Whom he meets with regularly. He often flies to china as well in YiWu City
    Never underestimate the value of CONNECTIONS. I would suggest you use the search button above and check out threads by this WF member:

    Saving one dog may not change the world - but forever changes the world of one dog.

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      Correct. His website was just released. He has been using his sources personally. For only him. When i met him, he was talking of doing what he did with me, for everyone. So, eventually, his websites up. In a sense, i got exclusive peek before then. As this guy was local to me. We became somewhat friends. His idea is to skip selling ON amazon and sell to amazon sellers like me. Sourcing more less.
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    Instead of reinvesting your entire profit, I think it would be better to keep reinvesting 20% of your profits and banking the rest. Keep in mind you are still in the learning phase. One bad move and you will be reaching back into that $35k pot you started with.
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      Good advice. Its sooo hard to ditch the 'throw it all in!!!' mentality. As if it works a second time and im left with 200k lolol. Slowly seems to be the way.
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      This is sound advice. You almost cannot go wrong using conservative money management principles. Always be prepared for the unexpected, but reinvest while the opportunity is there to increase ROI.
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    great to hear that it actualy look like my success story you should be afraid but just keep trying and just do it if you did it once i am sure you can do it again
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      great to hear that it actualy look like my success story you should be afraid but just keep trying and just do it if you did it once i am sure you can do it again
      Mate there is a tab on the right called Quote if you click that the warrior who left the message in the post you replying to will know its them

      Very much the same way I am replying to you in this post

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    The OP says his guide is a personal friend of Hasbros CEO, but it appears that he has been illegally selling knockoffs of a Hasbro product.

    If that's the case, I suggest that he should hold on to all that cash to pay for his lawyers to defend him when Hasbro find out.

    Selling fake copies of big brands can be very lucrative until you get caught. Hasbro is one of the big litigators when it comes to protecting their Intellectual Property (IP).

    There are people on Warrior Forum promoting the idea of selling counterfeits of big brand products. Those who follow that bad advice are taking a big risk.

    Last year there were several hundred websites shut down as the first step by big brand owners to protect their IP rights from counterfeiters. Those people immediately lost their businesses, and many of them had a lot of money in inventory that they couldn't sell, or else risk criminal prosecution if they did.

    The story hasn't ended there. The brand owners are pursuing the thieves for damages, and when it all ends there could be a lot of bankruptcies.

    Why not put all that investment into a legitimate business that can continue operating without always having to look over your shoulder?
    Don't just slap on a label. Build a GREAT BRAND
    Safely source from China and other countries and import the easy way

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      How would i....or you, know if they where fake? I figured him being close friends with hasbro ceo just meant he had that connection that no one else does. But still....we cant say for sure FAKE. Just via a random post on warrior forum. But i do see what you mean.
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      Would love to see where you got your evidence that the games i sold where for sure fakes. Help me out.
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      Thank you, it did seem too good to be true. The games sold may not be fakes, but the original game sold out the back door of the factory. That is theft.
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