How to get more sales on Fiverr?

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Hey I want to know how to get more and more sales on Fiverr like others are doing. I made two gigs about Soundcloud and youtube promotion. But unfortunately, i am not getting any response from anyone. can anyone suggest me to get lots of sale on Fiverr easily? And also I am expecting some secret tips and tricks
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    Hi devilinnocent ,

    sure there are lots of Warriors willing to help you out with your sales but have you taken a look at this article

    EasySimmons gathered responses from different users that might help you.

    Check it out
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    Have you been running any ads? Did you create a facebook page for your gigs? I would start there if you haven't. Then you can run ads from your Facebook and even try to gather an audience and maybe branch off of fiver eventually to your own website.

    Hope that helps!
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    Go to the buyer request section and see what jobs are posted. Instead of waiting for someone to look at your listing, you can actively look for sales that way. Depending on the service you are providing this can be a gold mine!

    Hope that helps!
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    Have you checked the Fiverr analytics to see if anyone is visiting but not clicking? If there are any spelling mistakes or bad grammar it won't help. Have you had someone else check out your Fiverr site, especially it's description, to make sure someone else understands what you are saying and the nature of your offers? Don't tell them what it is about beforehand, just ask them to tell you what they think you are saying.

    Sometimes it's just the little things that get in the way.
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    To get more traffic, create a website for your gigs or fiverr profile-use Buy your own gigs. Create a female profile. Upload more photos about the gigs. Provide the right services.
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