Doubts to start with CPA industry

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Hi All,

Thanks for providing the valuable information.

I am totally newbie for CPA industry and amazed by successful CPA gurus by seeing their proof.

After collecting some information from social site, i came to know about this valuable forum.

To start with CPA industry i am still wondering below set of question.

1) How to post add on high converting site?

2) Is posting add on high traffic site chargeable?

3) is it necessary to have own website for CPA?

i will much appreciate if CPA Guru could provide above details.

Thanks in advance
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    You really need 3 main ingredients to see results fast. HI converting offer and good traffic source. Start with that and be tracking of course.

    You can direct link but don't be a lazy affiliate. You are going to need to split test offers with Direct linking and a landing page but from my experience I make more when using a landing page.
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      Thanks for your feedback.

      I agree with you .

      There is 3 things which really important(high converting ad, landing page and high converting offer).

      As i mention earlier i do not have my website, So if i have 3 things in my reach then what will be strategy or method i need to follow
      to post given add on high converting website which is not owned by me.
      i have no idea how to post my add on high traffic websites.
      Do i need to pay for posting my add on their website or something else.

      Please guide me.
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    My experience has been that you need a landing page and you have to target offers to make progress. You build a list which you then promote other offers to if you wish.
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    Another important skill is learning to read the various TOS for the traffic sources and offers that you promote. My google adwords and peerfly accounts were banned because I wasn't paying attention. While I am not doing CPA anymore, it still stings when I think about it.

    Good luck!
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    In regards to the high converting offer, see if you can find someone who has setup a system that's already in place that you can setup and send traffic to. Then branch out from there creating your own systems.
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