Are you segmenting your customer emails?

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I'm sure its great to segment your customers once they purchase so you can send even more appropriate emails.

That being said... the permutations can get totally out of hand QUICKLY..

As an example...

You have a front end product with 2 upsells in your funnel.

Post purchase you have yet another 3 different products your customer could purchase.

If you really wanted to segment your customer emails you would literally need a separate list for every single product combination possible.

Purchased Product A - not product B
Purchased Product A - and B but not C
Purchased Product A - B and C
Purchased Product A - C but not B
etc etc... etc...

QUICKLY will get out of hand if you have multiple product offers.

God forbid you are talking Product D, E, F , G, H, etc...

Talking thousands of lists here..

MUST be a way to segment your customers but also be able to minimize lists AND yet set appropriate emails??

Surely you don't want customers who already purchased a product to get the same emails as someone who didnt?
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    I believe if you're using an autoresponder that uses "tags" such as InfusionSoft or Actionetics (ClickFunnels) you can SUB-segment your list and only send to people with or without specific tags.

    But, if your specific AR doesn't utilize tags then things can get complicated. You can always send a few, "If you still haven't upgraded to X, then..."

    As long as you don't go crazy with it, there shouldn't be too many problems; however, if you're going to run a hard sales campaign, then you just have to segment out.
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    I wouldn't worry about it. Everyone gets multiple emails for the same product or one they have purchased at some stage. Just do the best you can.
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    Originally Posted by mrdeflation View Post

    Surely you don't want customers who already purchased a product to get the same emails as someone who didnt?
    Sometimes it will be inevitable. Don't sweat it. You can even put something like " many of you have already taken advantage of this but for those that haven't check it out "

    or something like that. Don't over-complicate it.

    One of the most notorious Warriors of all time named Alexa Smith was in numerous non- MMO niches and she NEVER segmented (even Buyers List) and did just fine

    - Robert Andrew

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    Just tag each customer with the name of the product, then create a rule to exclude the right people.. so your automation would look something like this:

    If X (tag) exists
    Unless Z (tag) exists
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    I use ClickFunnels, paying $297 a month is worth not having to worry about the segmentation, because CF does it all for you..

    Even if people saw the sales page but left..

    Saw the order form but left.. (saves any info entered in too)

    Saw OTO1 but left/didn't buy..

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    Awesome thanks... was thinking about switching to CF as right now we use a combination of MemberMouse and Drip for email.

    Only thing is I wanted to deliver all my content in a members area (wordpress) as for my niche it seems to cut WAY down on "friendly fraud" buying and then claiming refund because they got the PDF downloads...

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    If you want an easy way to put your course behind a secured members area go with Click Funnels. CF can do almost anything when it comes to creating funnels,membership sites,sales pages,etc...
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