Where to start a blog? How to monetize it? All for free??

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Just a beginner trying to start making money everyday...is there's any advice that you could give me to start making $50 a day maybe? Thanks!
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    You are about to get bombarded by possibly well meaning souls who parrot what they've been told.

    Most of the advice you will get will be useless and that's not their fault it's yours.

    You see we know nothing about you, your background interests hobbies or experience - how can people then give advice?

    Tells us what have you done so far?

    Why are thinking about starting a business?

    Regardless read what to do if you are desperate.
    I've got 99 problems but a niche ain't one
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    You see we know nothing about you, your background interests hobbies or experience - how can people then give advice?
    Please explain more about your research, project upcoming and task you are working on. It's really hard if we do not know what specific blog you have made.
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    Start a personal blog with your name for a domain name ( or something very near). In the blog include your story your contact details your hopes wishes and ideas that you have and value from others. Choose topics that mainly interest you, write about them and research what you don't know. There is no selling involved here.

    The aim is to build a foundation for you to explore what you want to say to the world and what you are about. During this phase you will discover a lot about your motivations and interests. After exploring these interests you may be able to produce interesting content on new post you create. Share your new posts and provide social sharing on your posts. Join Facebook groups who share similar interests. Promote your posts in these groups. Gain a foothold by engaging with these groups.

    Add you blog in your signatures. Create an email list by installing a proposition for some free advise (in a PDF) on a topic you, by now will be able to compile as an authority and give away as an incentive to sign up.

    Continue to post daily to your blog. When you see niches develop where you could provide real value to site visitors who read your articles to find an answer to some need you could write genuine review posts on the subject while imbedding natural ads to say Amazon products as an affiliate.

    If you keep at it you will have enough engagement to create enough site traffic to make it work in various niches and sub-niches. In time you could use paid ads on Facebook to boost your popular posts and get more sign ups to your list. Now always keep posting and follow up with your list with email campaigns targeting products and post reviews they may have missed. This brings visitors back to your blog and creates more engagement and sales. Then Keep plugging away and don't give up.

    Hope this helps

    Get Your Mind-set Right - Take Consistent Action
    Connect with the right people

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    if you start with blogging you have long way to go before you can make money. it takes 3-5 years before you can profit with your blog and you must create unique content almost everyday.
    what my advice is start with affiliate marketing, create your squeeze page, build your list, send paid traffic to it.. and you can earn $50 or more daily if you just set that up correctly.
    [Drive REAL TRAFFIC to your website with SOLO ADS] Register Now! For FREE!
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      How would I go so about making a squeeze page? Is there a certain site you used to create yours? And any other things I may need to start? Thanks
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        Originally Posted by Nero Joey View Post

        How would I go so about making a squeeze page? Is there a certain site you used to create yours? And any other things I may need to start? Thanks
        Hi Nero,

        It would appear that you need a good beginners course in all the technical aspects of setting up your online business and also a clear directed path to follow.

        Kevin Fahey released a beginners course a few months ago which covers all this called IM Newbie. It sells for a few dollars and may help you get some focus. No doubt there are similar courses which others can recommend.

        Hope this helps.
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      That's what I started doing. I really like the idea of affiliate marketing...getting traffic is tough for me though.
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    is there's any advice that you could give me to start making $50 a day maybe?
    Wal-Mart is paying $15 per hour for all entry-level positions...
    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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    Hi.. I am also tying to monetise my free blog but it is depending upon country where you living because in India. Nowadays premium domain is necessary to monetise content or either a free blog from blogspot powered by Google is only blog available for free to monestise and free setup.
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    Get a domain for your niche. Then put content and pictures get their interest. Ask for comments so you can get to :like,trust etc them.
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      Was wondering about a good place to create a domain name...?
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    I would say the best thing to do with your blog that you start is start to also build an email list (which CAN be done free, but I pay) so that you can send traffic to it daily.

    This helps it rank so much easier!

    Then add a way for someone to optin to your list in each post or the blog sidebar, so that newcomers who come from search engines can also join your list, adding more traffic to future posts.

    I wouldn't clutter your blog with ads though...people are tuning them out most times anyway.

    Promote affiliate offers through the list you build at times when not promoting your blog posts.

    Ps. I personally use YouTube vids and my own thoughts typed on the page as 'blog content', so that I never have to create content from scratch.

    Try it out and let me know how it goes for ya'...

    Moderator's Note: Affiliate Links Not Allowed

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    Try the freelance professional site called fiverr i belive you will find what you seek for.
    Wish you all the best

    Young Singaporean Marketer Challenging all the online affiliate odds with using simple hack code - Watch the Video

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    You start fallow an automade system that genarate several diffrent passive income ....very easy to start and shows you step buy step how you can earn real money online ....if you like to know moore you can contact me ....
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    Originally Posted by Nero Joey View Post

    Just a beginner trying to start making money everyday...is there's any advice that you could give me to start making $50 a day maybe? Thanks!
    $50 a day is doable with a blog...but you will need a lot time to rank in SEO properly so you can either pay someone to do it or do it yourself.

    You can mae $50 a day with Adsense on your site. But to do that you would need at least 1000 pageviews a day I am guessing. Your other option is to do a review style blog and link to affiliate offers. More likely to hit $50 a day faster....with less traffic.

    But your main expense will be traffic or time...the blog you can set up for under $20.


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    Hi Nero,
    The best suggestion I can give you is to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate. They teach you everything that you need to know: How to start a blog in the niche of your choice, how to drive traffic to it, how to monetize it, how to use social media. It's also known as Wealthy Affiliate University because it's a very thorough program. There is also a forum full of like-minded individuals that will gladly help you out. The community there is in the thousands. Best part about it is that it's completely free to join. No credit card info is taken. You can create up to 2 free websites which they host for you also for free. Go check out their site, ask questions and see all that they have to offer. I'm not an affiliate so I get no commission from referring you. Wish you the best.
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    If you want to promote the blog and want to be a blogger, then you can go through various blogging websites. There are so many website available on the web such as Blogger.com, Weebly.com, Wordpress.com. Some people create a self-hosted blog solely for ads and Google AdSense is one of the most popular ad networks around. Simply put, you make money by displaying ads on your site.
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  • The cost per click (CPC) can also determine how much you are likely to earn from this type of ad. Adverts that display financial products or mortgages will generate you more income due to the higher price of the actual product, compared with perhaps children's toys. The former may pay you as much as $1+ for every click through by one of your visitors, whereas a click on toys may pay you only a few cents.Which ads shows up on your site is dependant on the content of your website.
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    There are several platforms for you to start blogging. For instance, take blogger and WordPress as examples. Both of this platforms are very good for bloggers.
    Setting up a blog may not be that difficult, but making it successful is the biggest challenge. Blogs should be updated regularly and it should deliver quality content. But there are ways you can make it more profitable and here's some examples:

    1. Use multimedia posts (video, image, text)
    2. Locate your most profitable content and make it more visible on your site
    3. Carefully analyze the structure of your web page
    4. Use internal links
    5. Put a video on your landing page
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    Just to say you good luck
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    Here's a vague answer to a vague question.

    There are many places where you can start a blog without an upfront investment. Some even have some limited monetization.

    These places have two uses.

    First, as wifiboos suggested, use it to explore your interests and to find groups of potential customers that you connect with.

    Second, use the monetization to bootstrap moving to your own piece of the Internet. We're not talking major money here, maybe $100 a year to get started with a domain and beginner hosting. Install Wordpress (free) and start with one of their default themes. Spend time customizing it. You can move to a premium theme when you're making more money.

    Bootstrapping is all about using free/cheap tools and methods to earn the nut necessary to invest in better tools and methods, until you reach the point where you can sustain the business and take out the cash that makes life more pleasant.

    Don't fall into the trap of trying to stay with only free stuff forever. It's called "digital sharecropping" and you're one arbitrary decision or accidental TOS violation away from losing everything. Don't believe me? Do a forum search on "shut down my account" and start reading the tales of woe from people who built on other people's sites and lost everything over night.
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    If you want to make a blog for free, there're many free services for you such as blogspot, wordpress, tumblr,..You can start by setting up one on them and start to promo your blog on social media like FB, twitter, pinterest,...Good luck to you.
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    Another one hit wonder on the forum? Hey Nero - where did you go? Come back and participate in the thread you started.

    The OP is asking for $1500 per month - with no investment. What is he willing to do for $1500 per month? At $15/hr that would be 100 hours of REAL work (not forum skimming or game playing or sales page reading) - that's only 25 hrs a week. At $10 an hr that would be 150 hrs of REAL work.

    Do you think he's willing to do that....when he doesn't log in and read the thread he started? Do you think the people recommending Fiverr or Wealthy Aff or other places to spend money - are earning $1500 a month?
    People are answering as if "I want $50 a day from nothing" is a reasonable request. It's not.

    John McCabe's advice is spot on - but the OP hasn't been back to read it.
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world will change forever for that one dog.

    You should always be yourself...unless you can be a Unicorn. Then you should always be a Unicorn.
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