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Is there any way to get back to the old default view rather than this new "Feed" view?

When I'm in a thread I'd much rather click to navigate to a particular page. Currently when I want to see more replies I have to click a little arrow, and it's really annoying if there are hundreds of replies.
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    Yes - but it's well hidden now.

    Click on your forum name in the black toolbar above - the dropdown menu has the option to change to "classic view".

    Once you change it- should stay where you want it...most of the time.
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    Thanks Kay....and I don't know why I didn't clue into that as it's in BRIGHT FRIGGIN YELLOW...oy...
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    Thanks Kay since I needed this answered as well.
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    Thanks a million for this, I hate the new style. Didn't even occur to me that I could swap it back. lol. Thank you again!
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    The new feed view does not match with forum atmosphere. Not sure if I am the only one missing the old interface!
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    Thank you for pointing that out Kay king.

    The new set up is just plain awful, It doesn't even feel like a forum. I'm glad there is at least a hidden choice. ; )
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